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  1. It’s Westfields, or it should be, not enough FW400’s on the road in the UK for a parade, I wouldn’t have thought! Essentially, you need an anniversary to celebrate, to get the parade laps, if you’ve been going as long as Porsche for example, with as many memorable events as them, you can practically find one a year! We have to work a little harder, 😆
  2. It’s probably thirteen years now, since I was diagnosed with PTSD and what was was patently obviously clinical depression to even the most unobservant, after a massive accident. Like you, I was fortunate to receive private treatment courtesy of the other drivers insurance, quite quickly. I also got a good assessor who quickly realised that the NHS approach at the time would never have worked with me and eventually sorted out an excellent Cognative Therapist. (I get trapped down mental avenues, and have think my way back out, if that makes sense, no one can really do it for me? But they can teach me how to think and work it out). He was puzzled at first though, as he couldn’t get certain things to add up. So we just went, conversationally, back and back, and a bit further back. Long story shortish, I was the driver in a fatal accident with a twelve year old pedestrian when I was seventeen and in freshens week at university. Had to do the whole Police investigation, coroners court etc. and try and look the grieving parents in the eye, as my insurance appointed solicitor asked me if I wanted to claim damages from them to recover my insurance excess, expenses etc. (the dead lad was found at fault). I declined. However, back then in the mid eighties, that was it. You just got on with things. My therapist in the 2006 accident basically worked out I’d still been suffering from symptoms of PTSD and various issues since that original accident, and that this one had simply blown everything wide open again. Of course nothing is ever quite that black and white, those events just served to exacerbate underlying odd ways my mind works, anyway. Not a good cocktail when you mix them all up.
  3. Couldn't agree more. And without wanting to disparage the general NHS, who after way more experience of, through family illness etc than I’d like, I’m aware have good and bad people, good days and off days. Do be be careful who you reach out to. With hind-site, maybe either a more specialist organisation, or at the very least, someone who you know and trust. Like a damn idiot, I spent months early last year, the end of the year before screwing up the courage to admit to a problem that had spun outside my usual control and to ask for help. I had a different nurse from my regular one at my six month check up, and pretty much managed to force myself to blurt things out. To my horror, she pretty much brushed things off with a “there are lots of people worse off” speech, handed m the samaritans leaflet and punted me out the door. I already had the metaphorical pistol, she basically cocked it and passed it back. I sat for more hours than I can remember staring at my “easy solution” on the dining room table. (Stockpiled morphine from after my Mum had passed away). And in the end, the only thing stopped me taking enough, was the thought of who would look after my pet cat, (who doesn’t meet new people well). It was as close as that. In fact in my head, I was already over the line, and just waiting for the actions of my body to catch up. My regular nurse was absolutely horrified when I asked to never be seen by the other one again, (she dragged the real reason out of me eventually). And set I should have just come straight to her, or the Samaritan’s or similar, and that they would have helped. She also told me one of the nerve pain meds I’ve been on carries a heightened suicide risk anyway, so I should have been immediately fast tracked for treatment. Thankfully, twelve months or more on, im still here, and it’s been a better year, but it still has its moments, and the problem with depression and it’s related issues, is they never seem to entirely go away, but creep back up on you when you don’t expect them. I can’t pretend to offer expert advice, and I know how little you do want to reach out when it gets bad. But do make those calls, and if you can’t think of anyone else, i’ll Listen. (Though you’d be desperate by then!) Oh well, I guess that’s more than five people who know now.
  4. Choosing an engine mapper is like choosing a surgeon, you might not be able to afford the very best, but you don’t want to select on price only either. On the one hand, what they do will affect the very way the car starts, idles and most importantly drives, whether you are “on it” or just tootling along. On the other hand, a mapper can also easily enough, though unintentionally, alter things that will see your car’s engine not even survive the mapping session before self destructing, let alone get down the road. Recommendations from trusted sources are key in this field, when selecting who to do the work. Only then filter that list through other variables. Bear in mind, too, that for anything other than the most basic changes, a mapper who knows your brand and model of ecu really well, will always be faster/more time efficient at mapping it. So even though their hourly rate might be a little more, in practice, the costs might be the same or even slightly less than someone who on paper, might be a little cheaper /hour.
  5. Oh, and yes, I’ve found myself having to use a medium screw lock Loctite on my old Jenvey’s to stop the screw backing off before now. Theres very little clearance to be a locknut In unfortunately, if memory serves.
  6. I’m sure it just got unhooked while you were working on it, but the throttle bodies have come un-linked in that photo. The spring steel loop arrowed above needs to clip around the tab of the lead bodies throttle actuator, not just rest on top. As it is above.
  7. Superb, wish I could get to the show to see it. What an utterly amazing project this has been.
  8. Just as a teaser... As mentioned earlier, and discussed in another thread a while ago. I had the new tank powder coated this time around. I’m really pleased with how it came out... I’ll do a proper update as soon as I get a chance.
  9. We’ve got an Austrian trip at the end of June, so that’s the target deadline! (That said, there will be a few secondary systems I might leave sorting out till we get back). Hoping to get the engine in and most of the bodywork on over the bank holiday weekend.
  10. Sorry, just don’t have time to get anything down in a post at the moment, between work and trying to get the car ready in time, I’ve not had a chance to sit down and properly update the thread.
  11. Yep, it’s awkward with everything on, you need the boot box out, and the petrol tank released, so you can push it back and wiggle it out of the way, a side at a time.
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