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  1. Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

    Mx5 1.8 clutch. How much power?

    I think Westfield use a 3/4” bore MC on most of their cars with hydraulic clutches
  2. Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

    FW SE Zetec Build 2018

    The sidescreens are normally supplied with hinges, the pair you have is for the ecu tray, (they're fine for EMU tray's, too!) As Steve said, if using a Contour Dash, you might have room issues, but with any of the standard flat dashes, that layout should be fine.
  3. Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

    Blyton 2018, The photo thread.

    Supervising, Chris, you were supervising!
  4. Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

    FW special edition 2017 new build from a new member

    I think that may depend on the type of hub, mine are the old Cat Motorsport ones, so to be fair, may be different. I know I had to disassemble something to remove the arm, though!
  5. Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

    Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

    Must admit though, my Dyson V8 Animal jobbie has been superb, all the brush heads that came in the package are electrically powered, and it seems to tackly cat hair and the odd bit of spilled cat litter with no issues, like others have said, it's become my main hoover. Oh and the fact that you can easily pretend its the science fiction or Rambo style weapon of your choice, does mean they're safe to discuss! (And any bloke that owns one and hasn't done "gun" poses with it has no soul )
  6. Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

    Blyton 2018, The photo thread.

    I don't know how Blyton does it, but having been massively into circuit photography a few years ago, some of those look like they need a, infield/trackside photography pass from the circuit, which are usually really tricky to get hold of, (on the big circuits, at least) without being an accredited photographer. i know Oulton Park wanted to see two (if I recall correctly, it might have been more) published photographs, with invoices for the same, plus a copy of your public liability, insurance certificate. You then had to attend a safety briefing day, similar sort of thing to what they run for trainee marshals, I suppose. However, many of the Sprint type tracks will allow, with permission from the event organiser, as well as the circuit etc. One or two amateur photographers to be "embedded" at marshals posts, as long as they're the "safe" type posts with concrete or Armco barriers, between them and the actual track. This does of course mean that you can't move while the track is live. But you could do one post in the AM and another in the PM..,
  7. Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

    1.6 Ecoboost Build

    If it's the Westfield two piece, many put the lower grp section on, with rubber edging on the cockpit side, and leave the clear section off. (Which can be marginal on the edge radii, it saves sticking edging on the clear Perspex.) If it's a blade type, or a single piece double-bubble, then it comes down to what the edge is like and whether you're happy to trim with rubber edging if necessary. If you'd rather not stick edging on, just leave the whole aeroscreen off. Hopefully it goes without saying, if presenting the car minus aeroscreen, it shouldn't look like you've just whipped something off for the test!
  8. Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

    Blyton 2018 Feedback

    Having done a lot of start line marshalling in the past, including Blyton, but not for a few years, one of the big problems is that unless you have a pukka course marshal with you, the volunteer start and paddock etc marshals are usually on one set of walkie talkies, with one frequency, and correctly so. While the track marshals are on another set, with their own frequency. As a result, it's fairly common for the paddock/start marshals to only get stoppage information if someone that's also on the track frequency remembers to pass it on. Otherwise, our only advantage is being stood up, and sometimes able to see the waving reds and people on track clearing up. As I say, not sure if it's already been done, but having someone like the lead paddock marshal or one of the starters on both radios, would help dramatically. To be fair with stoppages, it's sometimes difficult to actually give a precise time, even with communications. But you can usually tell if it's going to be just a couple of minutes, or something much longer. In hot events, as well as wet ones, maybe Phil lane brollies are needed! At least you'd have some shade while queueing.
  9. Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

    Wheels, tyres, ARBs - biggest gain?

    Oh, and a slightly left field suggestion, but I don't know if your AiM dash has a gps/accelerometer based data logger built in, but if it doesn't, I think they're an option on many of the AiM units. Seriously consider adding it. You have a Can Bus or serial connection to your ecu, don't you, already? So you have TPS, rpm, speed etc. I found on track, when having so much to do at once, and so much information coming at you so quickly, it really helped to go back over the track map data log afterwards, comparing runs and seeing where the gains and losses were.
  10. Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

    Wheels, tyres, ARBs - biggest gain?

    I'd say yes to ARB, for the adjustability of set up they lend. And then tuition, tuition, tuition! Oh and seat time, getting to know your car. Also log EVERY DETAIL of the configuration and performances. But before getting too wrapped up in the whole wheel size and tyre type debate; I'll throw this out there. Have a look in the Boardroom archives, at just how well Ash Mason, (@Arm) did with his light but powerful car years ago, on 15" Super Leg's, and how many FTD's and records he used to hold, wiping the floor with a surprising number of semi slick shod cars! He did by being a superb driver, true. But also being meticulous in his set up, and his logging of how changes to the car affected performance etc. Im not trying to say things like wheels and tyres et al, don't matter. Just that the soft squidgy bit behind the wheel makes a far bifpgger difference! The other point I'd consider, is that while on the steep part of the learning curve, using more road based wheels and tyres will shift the "oh ****" moments down the speed ladder, and should mean that when it lets go, it's a bit more progressive as well.
  11. Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

    Andy's Mega S2000 upgrades

    Was thinking just the same thing! You have a box with a genuine Honda stamp!
  12. Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

    FW special edition 2017 new build from a new member

    If you’re referring to the steering arm bolts, if memory serves you need to strip the hub assembly off to get at the other side of the bolt - just trying to remember if it was an Allen bolt or regular hex... Allen bolt rings a bell though, but it’s years since I had one apart.
  13. Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

    ECU - OMEX

  14. Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

    Coolant leak

    Might be a coincidence, or could the hose just have got knocked or pushed about a bit while changing the gasket, and existing perishing damage has just given way? It’s certainly not directly caused by the gasket and oil change.
  15. Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Love the gold wheels on there!

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