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Haynes manuals and CVH parts for sale

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I have put a bunch of things on ebay, due to me not needing them any more.  Feel free to have a look. I'm not really ebay-savvy so...


If there's anything there you would like and the auction has no bidders, I think I can end the auction and give it to you directly?


Anyway... (ebay item numbers)


Haynes manuals (all starting at 99p)


Tuning the Ford CVH engine -          261186929277

Ford Escort 75-80 Haynes Manual - 261186937404

Ford Fiesta 1989-1995 -                   261186942766

VW Passat  1996-2000 -                  261186951027

Ford Mondeo 1993-1999 -              261186963796


JVC V4 CS-V514 2-way 13.34cm Car Speakers (Pair)  - 261186986614


Ford CVH Fiesta RS Turbo Air Temp Sensor -                261187037231


Fiesta RS Turbo Cylinder Head -           261187058480


Kent Cams   CVH35K cam kit -              261187069760


Adjustable CVH pulley -        261187075684





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