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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all. This is going to be the start of my XI build! My XI, once I order the kit, will be something other than the more usual green and red Le Mans humped cars. I do know that this will make the car a little marmite for some, but I'm also hoping that it will be an interesting take on an XI. It will be flat backed, despite the wind buffeting, it will have some kind of roll bar, and it won't be using the usual running gear. I started playing with minis when I was 18 and my first 3 cars were all minis. However, despite my familiarity with the A series and the ease of tuning it, I wanted to step away from the norm and go with something just as old in its origins. So after much hunting behind the sofa for any spare change I could find, I made the decision to go with a Climax FWB. I know that it will cost me more than an A series but it will also have a reliable(ish) 120+bhp due to the standard 1460cc size. Due to the joys of a well known auction site, I have a few little useful bits like breather plates as well as a hard to find 5 bearing cam and carrier. This last piece will boost the engine power a little too, which will be nice! The rest of the running gear will be equally unusual. The gearbox will be the 5 speed that Lotus used in the Eclat/Elite. It weighs naff all, is quite small, and has a useful overdrive 5th at 0.82. Seeing as I want to use my XI for touring, the extra cruising ability will be welcome. Best bit is i found two for £225, so it should end up cheaper than a type 9 conversion too. The back end will be more complicated! It will be my take on the de-Dion rear end of the Lotus XI Le Mans, inboard disc brakes and all! I have a diff carrier from a Lotus Mk14 to base everything around. The rest will be a bit of a parts bin exercise to use reliable, available parts so that I can build it once and once only.
  2. This time is looks like a full Le Mans body panel set apart from the scuttle moulding https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/195166641371?_trkparms=amclksrc%3DITM%26aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908105057%26meid%3D1fef3425845c4737ad72f081e9aa1927%26pid%3D100675%26rk%3D4%26rkt%3D15%26sd%3D204008746732%26itm%3D195166641371%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2380057%26brand%3DWestfield&_trksid=p2380057.c100675.m4236&_trkparms=pageci%3Ae18a4b7c-f60c-11ec-b3af-6a7e40e89282|parentrq%3Aa4ef90971810a6466e099323fffa7e2c|iid%3A1 Look at the seller's other items that include a flat back clam and a pair of unused front lower wishbones.
  3. Morris

    Morris' XI Build

    Hi Everyone! I thought I would start off with good intentions and write a build thread for my XI! I’ve been attracted to the XI shape for many years, even before I drove the old factory demonstrator many (at least twelve?) years ago, but it is only now that I have the opportunity to build one. Simon Marks kindly showed me around his car before I visited the factory about four weeks ago. Having had a long chat with both Simons I was impressed enough to put down the deposit. I went for all of the available options including the five speed box which comes with a new prop shaft (but not the polished bodywork or the post IVA steering wheel (which is rather nice but not really XI’esk)). Prospective buyers should take note though that the left side bullet mirror and bracket, and the head fairing cushion are not included in the standard options list kits and need to be added separately. Following discussion with Simon M I have also gone for the Protech shocks and springs (which I’ll buy myself), so Westfield was happy to deduct the cost of those included in the kit from the kit price. I’ve been looking at engine options as I am concerned that the standard 65 odd bhp will not feel all that sprightly (comments to the contrary very welcome!). Even a few more bhp would be useful but the money being asked for a recon stage 2 engine does seem rather steep! I’ve looked at the BMW K1100 8v head conversion and it is a shame that it doesn’t fit under the bonnet. Also the Motus V4 looks (and sounds) very nice, but the cost of a crate engine…! I guess I’ll be going for the A-series perhaps with an MG Metro head to eek a little more out from the standard setup. Before all this though I need to build my garage…! I’ve levelled the ground in the back garden and I’ve put down the base - and my 230 kg flat pack metal garage has been delivered today! I'm sure someone will spot the fact that my car will be trapped in the garage once built - there's a cunning plan there which will involve demolition of the shed in front of it - at least no-one will steal the XI during the build without first disassembling it! Soon I’ll be off to find a suitable Spridget and put my negotiating skills to the test (as learnt from watching ‘Wheeler Dealers…’!). Anyway onwards and upwards and updates when I make some progress (with the car rather than the garage (unless you are interested!)). Cheers. Morris.
  4. Morris

    XI unique parts list

    As there have been some discussion relating to individual aspects of the XI componentry, I thought I'd draft a list of parts that I reckon are unique to the (stock build) XI and that cannot (maybe) be bought off the shelf. Hopefully this will help to narrow down potential problem components and gravitate our focus towards finding the existing/ alternative suppliers, some of which will be shared by our fellow '7' owners - ref the excellent supplier list already compiled. This is only a first pass so feel free to amend the spreadsheet and re-upload, or ask me to make changes. XI unique parts.xlsx Cheers. Morris.
  5. Morris

    Sports turbo seats for XI IVA

    Those building an XI will know that the factory used to loan out sports turbo seats to XI builders for the purpose of the IVA test. We could get creative to attach compliant head restraints (and seatbelt guides?) whilst using standard XI seats. A question: Does anyone know of (or even have) a pair of sports turbo seats already out on loan to them that now have no home to be returned to...? I'm not quite ready for IVA yet but a few of us are approaching. Cheers. Morris.
  6. I need some advice on tightening the inside two nuts securing the inlet manifold to the cylinder head. I'm using a Maniflow 3.5" long unit but there isn't enough space to get a 1/2" (or even 1/4") drive socket in there with or without a universal joint. In fact there isn't even the room to get the socket fully onto the nut. Only option is to use a 3/8" spanner with an extension pipe on the end... Can't be right though! All suggestions welcome. Many thanks. Morris.
  7. Morris

    Coolant for A-Series engine

    I didn't realise there was such an array of engine coolants available...😬! What are the recommendations for an A-Series engine (with Metro radiator and oil intercooler between the oil filter and oil filter head)? (Evans waterless looks a bit pricey to me, also given the moisture removing pre-treatment). Many thanks. Morris.
  8. Morris

    Securing hoses for IVA

    I'm looking for hints on complying with the IVA requirement to clip a hose/ cable every 300 mm. Firstly the silly question... I assume 300 mm is measured along the actual hose and not 'as the crow flies' between the ends? For example I have two off 2.5 ft long 1/2" coolant hoses running from the cylinder head down to the oil intercooler (sandwiched between the oil filter and the oil filter head). They are curved and by their nature stiff, and one retaining clip mid way along keeps them nicely secure in place and away from trouble. Mr IVA (I assume) would measure more than 300 mm and tick his fail box! This is currently driving me a little crazy as I'm making stand-off brackets or trying to find suitable nearby fasteners to secure hoses in order to comply. Many thanks. Morris.
  9. The rubber oil breather pipe exiting the old fuel pump position on the crank case on my A-Series has to run mighty close to one of the exhaust manifold branches. Couple of questions: What temperature does an exhaust manifold generally get to? Depending on the answer to the above, what is recommended to sheath the pipe in? Many thanks. Morris.
  10. Afternoon All, Does anyone in the West Midlands area have a Westfield XI single seat conversion aeroscreen? Looking to borrow for 4 weeks if possible. Please PM on here or email patrick@westfield-sportscars.co.uk Thank you.
  11. Question(s): Has anyone tried fitting a Westfield XI Panhard rod onto a live axle SE / SEW? Can any Westfield XI owners measure the panhard rod and rose joint adjust ability? I am looking to add lateral adjustability to my live axle setup to fine tune the axle position and was wondering if the XI panhard rod / rose joint arrangement would do the job. My current Panhard rod is 1000mm between bush centres. Thanks in advance. Dan
  12. jonjh1964

    jonjh1964's XI Build

    I managed to find a Midget as a donor, not in the best shape (it's a complete mess really) but it's one of the last 1275 engines, built in late 1974, and looking at other XI builders blogs and posts most of the parts are refurbished or upgraded as part of the build. Chris from the Dorset Area, provided the transport and his outstanding trailer reversing skills meant that the car was rolled straight into the garage. The first couple of sessions in the garage has resulted in the engine, gearbox, steering column, steering rack, engine, gearbox and SR mounts and hand brake lever. Before going any further I'm going to make a couple of boxes on rollers to stand the chassis on once I've removed the front uprights and rear axle. I was slightly concerned that the steering rack mounts are different to the alloy ones in the build manual. Mark Walker believes that they have the same spacing and has offered to match them a chassis if I supply the mounts and rack with the column and rear axle when they go for modification. I've also got a growing collection of parts in boxes to refurbish or replace all the brakes, bearings and seals before fitting to the car. Remaining items to remove are: instruments, front uprights, prop shaft and rear axle off the car. I can get the body off to the scrapyard and make some space in the garage. Unfortunately I'm going to be away with work over the next couple of weeks so opportunities to get to the garage will be limited.
  13. Hi I'm new to this forum, I've just purchased a 1998 SEiW project. This is my second westi, I owned an 11 (XI) previously, and I've owned a few Lotus cars. I'm looking at getting my teeth into this project. I've started a restore diary if anyone is interested? Thanks
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