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Found 7 results

  1. I have a pre-assembled BlinkStop v1.1 for sale - £55 delivered UK mainland. http://www.blinkstop.co.uk/blinkstop.html I've just updated the design for v2.0 to include more idiot-proofing (the units I'm currently supplying as pre-assembled), but functionally they are the same and this one is identical to the self-assembly kit (just soldered already by me):
  2. Ian Bunker

    Buzzer for indicators?

    All to frequently i confess to leaving the indicators on. My excuse is that the individual left & right warning lights (not LED) are in the centre of the dash. I plan to fit an audible warning and have bought a 12V buzzer from Maplins. They also sole Piezzo buzzers - are they a better bet? Different sound ? Louder? I have also bought two diodes although Maplins did not understand that they are necessary. The flasher unit has three spade terminals - is the wiring straightforward - i guess it doesn't matter if the buzzer sounds when the lights are lit or not. Does it need a fuse in circuit? Any guidance much appreciated. Thanks, Ian Bunker
  3. Reduced for quick sale 2 x 5 3/4 chrome headlights - no marks, excellent condition - £120 110 posted (UK mainland only) or £110 100 collected from SS5 (ESSEX) http://parts-shop.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/lighting?product_id=293 2 x black pod indicators - no marks, excellent condition - £40 37 posted (UK mainland only) or £37 33 collected from SS5 (ESSEX) SOLD http://parts-shop.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/lighting?product_id=702 http://parts-shop.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/lighting?product_id=808 Reversing light (new July 15) - no marks, excellent condition - £20 18 posted (UK mainland only) or £17 15 collected from SS5 (ESSEX) http://parts-shop.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/lighting?product_id=332 Traditional rear lights - no marks, excellent condition - £40 37 posted (UK mainland only) or £37 34 collected from SS5 (ESSEX) http://parts-shop.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/lighting?product_id=336 Will sell together for £210 190 153 posted (UK mainland only) or £200 180 147 collected from SS5 (ESSEX) PM me for photos
  4. Tim Essex

    LED indicators

    I raised this topic a couple of weeks ago and got some great help. However, I'm still struggling. I've bought a pair of small LED indicators to the front end. When I fitted them they flashed extremely fast. This was because my relay was a non electronic one. So I bought an electronic one off ebay and can't seem to get them to work at all. It may be a dud relay. However, before I invest in another one I wonder if anyone could tell me if it's to the fact that I've a combination of LED and non LED on the same circuit.
  5. Tim Essex

    LED indicators

    I wonder if someone could help me. I'm fitting new LED indicators to my 2008 SEiW, leaving the rest as standard. I need to replace the existing relay as they are flashing too fast but for the life of me I can't find where the existing relay is. The chap I bought it from followed the build plans religiously so I suspect it's in the 'usual' place. Can anyone give me a clue where that is? Photos would help this 'novice but happy to have a go' member. Also would any LED indicator relay work or do I have to get one that works for LED and non LED. Thanks for your help
  6. For Sale 1 Used Wide Windscreen with new pillars and mirrors. £100 would prefer collection. Sorry but no fixings. Windscreen marked by damaged wipers at some time. As per photos. Also for sale Front Nose mounted Indicators including IVA Extentions and fixings. Now Sold. These will need new plugs fitting Richard
  7. I've a few small bits of mine left over from the Stoneleigh autojumble which didn't sell and I don't really want to put back in the garage again. 1 pair front indicator pods £20 - sold 1 pair orange lens front indicators £3 - sold 1 pair clear/white lens front indicators £7 1 pair vernier cam gears for Mazda MX5 £30 - sold 1 O/S wing mirror (appears to be carbon effect but very light) £7 Postage and packing extra and will be charged at cost PM or email wsccessex@btinternet.com Thanks Mark
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