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Found 14 results

  1. Matt Hillam (Fatbloke) - Herts Beds & Bucks AO

    Emerald ECU

    Emerald M3D ECU Software available here: http://www.emeraldm3d.com/software-manuals Collection available from Luton, a WSCC Speed Series round or British Sprint round. £60 + delivery. Matt zero 7908 162618
  2. Hi all, Took the car to be mapped but had to be stopped after 30mins as the voltage being read by the Emerald ECU at tick over was not stable, first thought was a faulty alternator but this is OK with a multimeter on it. Voltage was fluctuating better 11.5 to about 12.8v at 1000rpm which was causing the ecu to react and adjust the fuelling. Mapper did not want to adjust the voltage compensation as it would always be a problem. We think the live wire (brown wire) to the fuse block that feeds the ecu is too small causing a voltage drop as other things turn on. He wants to put a larger live feed in to the fuse block. Has anyone experienced a similar issue?
  3. I am Sayontan Seth,I have got the Sport 250 in INDIA, we are having some issues we the stock ECU setup as the ambient temperature and air pressure and fuel octane.The idle RPM is dropping fluctuating.The Idle RPM is dropping as low as 200rpm when after applying throttle to mid RPM and leaving it, and most of the time the Engine shuts down while doing like these. Can anyone help me to Re tune my ECU for 2L EcoBoost in my Sport 250?Also where can I get the ECU stock flash file?
  4. MattCrofts

    MBE 956E ECU Advice

    I have an 1800 Speedsport with Zetec E engine, Jenvy throttle bodies and an MBE 956E ECU. I have had to replace my ECU and was lucky enough recently to source a pre used unit. I have cleared the existing map from it and installed my map from my original ECU. The map that was originally on it was for a Vauxhall XE engine. The coolant temperature sensor is reading -22 degrees when the sensor is connected and it overfuels when running, and 90 degrees when disconnected, then the engine underfuels when running. I’ve discovered that there is a resistor on the ECU which needs changing from 1000 ohms to 10,000 ohms in order to recalibrate the temperature sensor to suit the Zetec engine, but I don’t know which one it is at this stage. Does anyone know which component number it is that I need to replace inside the ECU? Many thanks!
  5. Greenstreak-Andy D

    SOLD Weber Alpha ECU for std Duratec 2litre

    I have a fully working Weber Alpha ECU For Duratec HE. Also water temp sensor TPS and air temp sensor. Replaced with Omex. Asking for sensible offers. Can bring to Stoneleigh. Probably on Sunday. Andy
  6. AEM 4-Channel K-Type Thermocouple Amplifier Superb little unit to take signals from up to 4 x K-Type thermocouples, amplify and then output them as either analogue signals into an ECU or RS-232 to somewhere else. I used this to interface directly from 2x EGT probes on my exhaust secondaries into the MBE 9A9 ECU that was previously for sale. Works fantastically, accurate, no programming, just fit-and-forget. £199 incl UK mainland shipping to the Westfield community. These units are currently north of £300 (well north of £300 from UK vendors, or around £300 + shipping + import duties + VAT, with a 2-4 week wait if imported from the US) This unit is now surplus to needs, as my new ECU has this function built-in, otherwise I'd have no hesitation in keeping it. As you can see, it's as-new, unmarked and has only been used for 4 days of engine dyno calibration and approx 300-400miles of road driving (drivability calibration work). The original Deutsch plug and harness was used for the original installation, so this isn't included in this sale, but is just a simple 12-way Deutsch connector, widely available on eBay or other automotive electrical vendors. From AEM's site: The 4-Channel K-Type Thermocouple Amplifier is ideal for users who want to accurately monitor multiple engine system temperatures, including water, air, coolant, fuel, disc brake and more. Multiple channels allow you to use each amp to simultaneously read different system temperatures (one channel for EGT, one channel for CLT, etc.). Users can utilize ANY K-Type thermocouple including commonly-available miniature thermocouple connectors, and datalog the readings via an RS-232 serial data stream. K-Type sensors sold separately. Features: Uses common miniature thermocouple connectors or ANY K-Type thermocouple On-board cold junction temperature compensation for laboratory-grade accuracy Includes FOUR (4) 0-5v analog outputs 0-1,000° C(32-1,832° F) measurement range Measures up to 20? C below cold junction temperature RS-232 serial port included for datalogging (programmable EMS not required) "Fault LEDs" indicate when a thermocouple is faulty An excerpt from the AEM documentation below (available in full here >> http://www.aemelectronics.com/files/instructions/30-2204 K-Type Thermocouple Amplifier 4 Channel.pdf ) The Advanced Engine Management (AEM) 4 channel thermocouple amplifier revolutionizes temperature measurements by providing laboratory grade accuracy for your temperature measurements. The accuracy is guaranteed to be better than 1% full scale, even at the extremes of the temperature range. It is designed either for integration into vehicles already fitted with aftermarket ECU’s or other devices that can accept an analog signal for either analysis or logging. Alternately, an RS-232 output is available to allow other programmable devices to use or display the thermocouple temperature data. AEM achieves it’s accuracy by starting with a 100% surface mount PCB. The four differential temperature inputs are fed into an A/D converter then fitted using a 3 stage, 8th order polynomial curve fit. This value is then compensated using our on board cold junction temperature measurement. The temperature values are output on four seperate 0-5v analog outputs and a 232 serial datastream. The thermocouple amplifier can be mounted in the engine compartment or under the dashboard. It is very light and can easily be mounted with Velcro or via the mounting holes. CONNECTION When routing the thermocouple wires to the amplifier, make sure to only use K-type thermocouple wire and only use K-type thermocouple connectors. DO NOT use any other type of connector or material in the wiring between the thermocouples and the amplifier or massive errors will result! The required connectors to plug into the thermocouple amplifier are the “mini blade type”. The 9 wires should be hooked up as follows: Color Marking Connection Red BATT POS Switched +12v In Green TEMP 1 Temp #1 0-5v Output Pink TEMP 2 Temp #2 0-5v Output Brown TEMP 3 Temp #3 0-5v Output Orange TEMP 4 Temp #4 0-5v Output Yellow RS-232 TXD RS232 Transmit Blue RS-232 GND RS232 Ground Grey SIGNAL GND Signal Gnd (used if a differential input is required) Black BATT NEG Battery Ground Thanks for looking, any questions please ask.
  7. MBE 9A9 Engine Management System A change in direction with my project means that I'm now selling this unit. Full specification for this ECU is on SBD's website >> https://www.sbdmotorsport.co.uk/index.php/products/index/4508 The 9A9 is still the top-of-the-range model from MBE and very much supported by their primary UK distributor, SBD Motorport, who I'm sure you all know and love. This ECU has only done 4 days of engine dyno calibration work, plus about 300-400 road miles. At present it contains the map for my engine, but I can get this removed upon selling. EasiMap software for calibration work is freely downloadable from the SBD website. It's in as-new condition and was supplied to me by SBD Motorsport with the option to drive "smart coils" or external ignition amplifiers + "dumb" coils. Incidentally, this is now the default option when buying an MBE 9A9. Included with the ECU is the interface module to allow USB connection into the CAN bus for laptop connection (this in itself is another £120) Note: The 9A9 is NOT capable of driving Direct Injection engines; there's another MBE model that does that. Simon at SiLeck built the wiring harness for this ECU, I'm sure he can also design and build a very nice (MIL spec if needed) loom for your application. Some notes: 1) The unit is built to accept an inductive sensor for crank position (which is what 99% of people use anyway) 2) I have an inductive pick-up, as-new, that is available if required. 3) The cam position sensor can be either an inductive type (most likely) or a hall-effect; the ECU is less fussy about that, as it's only used for phase detection, unlike the crank position. 4) A connector kit isn't included in the sale but are either available directly from SBD or SiLeck would supply and build the connectors into a loom (obviously) As you may be aware, these are currently retailing at £1,644 plus the cost of the CAN Bus interface module (£120), I'm looking for £700 inc UK insured (mainland) shipping A fantastic opportunity to grab this ECU at 40% of the retail price for your winter project!! It is currently on eBay, but at a higher price (still have affinity to the Westie community, even though mine is now a long distant memory!) Please do give me a call with any queries, 07967 275404 Spencer.
  8. mattstone79

    Quick zetec loom question

    Hi I'm hoping somebody can answer a quick query i have regarding the standard zetec wiring loom. Where the 3 connectors connect to the main chassis loom I appear to have a 4th connector which I'm not sure what it is used for any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  9. The replacement distributor that I fitted a year or so ago has self-destructed. It was a cheap part from eBay and the clasps never did hold the cap on properly... you only had to look at them for them to ping off. Anyway, the car wouldn't start a couple of weeks ago and the top of the distributor is now damaged beyond repair. I could replace like-for-like, but this time either hope for a better fitting part or drill, tap and bolt the cap on. But I am drawn to the promise of improved drivability that comes with a mappable ECU. I'm thinking now that I am going to bit the bullet and go distributor-less and use an ECU. I have found plenty of helpful information on here and think I now understand how such a system (regardless of manufacturer) hangs together, e.g. crank sensor, throttle position sensor, ECU, EDIS (limp home mode), and coil. With that in mind, the alternatives appear much of a muchness, so I can't work out how to choose between them. On price it appears that a Megajolt kit from Trigger Wheels wins hands-down. Is there anything I am missing as to the functionality of other brands, e.g. DTA, Omex, QED, etc? Things that would interest me are more of the practicalities: Can the software be run on a Mac (as I'd rather not use the work laptop but I could if pushed). Is the ECU small, easy to mount. Availability of a xflow map to get me started as its a bit of a trek over to Blink Club discounts P.S. I rang Blink (as they will be doing the mapping) and spoke to Richard; they have the software to map most anything so there doesn't appear to be any reason to choose one over the other from a mapping perspective.
  10. BillyPee

    Air Temperature Sensor Location

    I am after advice as to where to locate the Air Temperature Sensor (ATS) as part of my Omex 200 upgrade. I have Weber DCOE 40 carbs with K&N air filters fitted. I had assumed that I would drill a hole in the back plate of the air filter and poke the ATS through. However, now I look at it, there does not appear to be enough room to do this without the ATS and connection fouling on the carb body. The only possible location is at the bottom centre. Just wondering if anyone has modified their K&N air filters and, if so, would mind posting photos of how that was achieved. If its not possible, would I be better off getting a different style of air filter where there is a single backplate for both carb bodies as I am thinking there would be more room between the carbs on that sort of air filter. Another thought was to just mount it separately but somewhere were the temperature it records is going to be as close as possible to the intake temperature. Thanks in advance, Bill
  11. Hi all I'm considering upgrading Throttle bodies on a 1800 zetec, standard at the moment but with MBE967E ECU (ECU zetec 1800 140 engine). Can any one advise whether I can use this ECU and offer advice on which TBs would be best and whether I can get a kit or buying parts separately would be best. I assume I will also need to cut a hole in the bonnet? Is this difficult are there any tips? Thanks in advance
  12. I am looking for an ECU to run Injection and ignition on a Vauxhall XE motor. Ideally something that also has a base map to get a relatively standard XE running. Regards Robin
  13. adam1330

    MBE 956 ECU & Loom

    MBE 956 ECU & Loom for sale. purchased this from a member on here when I thought I was having problems with the loom in my car, in the end it turned out to be something much simpler, so I never had to use this. The loom came off a Zetec(Silvertop I believe), although apparently the connectors were different on my Blacktop, so double check the connections you need, or be prepared to swap them if need be. Although I never ended up fitting it, I did change the map on the ECU to the one for my car, so the map is for a 2ltr standard Blacktop with Jenveys/Raceline exhaust system with no CAT, as mapped by Northampton Motorsport. I paid £150, so just looking to make my money back. There is 1 of these connectors: 2 of these: and 4 of these: Wire marked Main Harness has been cut: and wire marked Coil has had a spliced wire cut: and finally, wire marked Water temp has no connector on it as well, didn't take a photo of this as it just ends in cut wire!
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