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'thanks Northumbrian folk

Dave (OnliestSmeg) -  Manchester AO


The Skáldingly clear vocals of the ‘lockdown’ video of my last blog had a very distinct tone to them.

This brought to mind the Northumbrian folk of the Unthanks, who sing poetry and traditional lyrics.


They are very Northumbrian with clear regional dialect and accent coming through in their vocals, also demonstrating a unique timbre and tonal balance which can be both melancholic and atmospheric adding drama and feeling to performances.


They stick close to their roots, using Northumbrian Clog dance for percussion and other traditional instruments such as squeezebox, singing about the history of the regions working people.










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Geoffrey Carter (Buttercup)


Loved the "magpie".


Really pleased you posted that one.

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Chris King


I used to live two doors down from the Unthanks 😁

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