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Apocalypse Now & Then

Onliest Smeg David



Continuing with the weaving threads of blended old and new music, this blogs aural delight harkens back to Medieval Times.

Sweden's Apocalypse Orchestra weaves a faceted tapestry of music. The band was inspired by their love for folk music and slow metal so they decided to combine the two.


The tones of ancient drone instruments entwines with heavy guitars and music separated by over 800 years do meet. With a foundation of original music and lyrics but also incorporating melodies from as far back as the 11th century the goal was to create a musical homage to a bygone musical era.


The songs tell of flagellants, plague doctors, tales of hell, the meaninglessness of war and of suffering; they are all chapters in the bands grimoire.

To balance it out they also shine a light on medieval art, science and enlightenment and try to incorporate these into live performances with shows that feature theatrical performances (sometimes utilizing actors and dancers), fire and projected animation. The band feels the theatrical element can enhance the music, giving it the feel of classic storytelling.


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