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Few more jobs completed

Few more jobs completed.

Replaced the old carbon effect front wings with 100% full carbon fibre items from Carbon NV, fabulous quality at sensible prices. Decided on the CSR style wings because the extra moulding lines at the top of the wing provide a slight but noticeable increase in rigidity.

Really wanted to save the old wings as I could have sold them on but they were bonded to the brackets and the one thing I can say about Tiger seal is that once its set nothing is coming free too easily.

The bracket is mounted to the front suspension by three bolts but cannot be entirely freed from the car unless the wing is removed from the bracket - after a while of attempted and failed efforts to remove the wing from the bracket with no damage being done to the wing I gave up and cut the wing across its width, thus enabling me to remove the bracket / wing from the car and getting good purchase on the wing to break it free.

Once separated it was a laborious job to remove all the existing sealant from the bracket, rub down and re-paint (so much more satisfying and so much cheaper than replacing them)

Position the new wings was relatively straightforward, couple of key measurements taken to ensure that each side was identical then a single run of Tiger seal on each "leg" of the bracket was enough to hold each wing in position.

24 hours to allow the sealant to harden off and then more seal applied to fill in any gaps and job done

Only downside to the new wings is that they fit so closely that to remove the front wheel now requires the wing bracket to be undone and moved slightly up and across - fortunately access is good and only tales a couple of mins per side



Second job was to balance the Jenvey throttle bodies, I had a feeling that they were out of balance side to side and despite reading up on the matter I was slightly concerned I might make things worse.

Having acquired a synchrometer to measure the pressure it was a case of winding down the main idle bleed screw, measuring across all 8 trumpets and then adjusting each pair in sequence, once equalised the main idle could be adjusted.

I may have been lucky but it was not a difficult job and the car responds to the throttle much more sharply and has got the V8 burble it was missing, they were definitely out of balance before and whilst maybe not 100% balanced now they are not far away




Early 2018 update

Bit of a new year update:

MOT passed last week with zero advisories

Insurance renewed, slight increase but that was down to Agreed Valuation needing to be increased to reflect recent sale prices of other SEiGHTs Wheels refurbished in a slightly darker shade of grey -n they were 99% oerfect as they were but just wanted a subtly different look to them  New Caterham CSR vented style carbon wings ordered from Carbon NV

Run out yesterday - over to the superb Chocks Away diner with a few Tiger and Cobra replica owning friendson the Broughton Airbus site followed by a run over to the Ponderosa on the Horseshoe Pass then back home via Oswestry - a nice 130 mile Sunday run, even if trying to put down 330bhp on cold, damp roads was pretty challenging




Aug 2017 - Carbon NV aeroscreen

One thing I'd never really liked on my car was the original aeroscreen, did not look integrated at all so decided to order and fit a Carbon NV aeroscreen. Liaised with Mark and agreed on a V pattern with the weave, arrived on Tuesday and the quality is superb. Bonded the four fixing bolts supplied by Mark with Vudu-Glu (highly recommended) to utilise the same holes as on the old screen. Very happy with the new look and hopefully the expense has now stopped - £1500 on upgrades since buying the car in Feb but now got it pretty much exactly how I want it  Other than that just enjoying using the car - getting out to 3-4 meets / shows per month and car is running faultlessly




July 2017 - new seats

Few more jobs ticked off the list at the weekend New seats arrived from Intatrim (custom designed to my spec), as did the new FIA approved Scroth harnesses.  As the harnesses came with all new fixing bolts and eyelets I obviously wanted these fitted - problem number one the left hand side passenger eyelet cannot be removed without removing the rollbar. Rather than seeing this as a problem I took it as an opportunity to remove it, clean it, paint it and tidy up all the fixing bolts which were a bit grubby. As the rollbar removal meant removal of rear wheels it made sense to have a check of everything and clean anything that was looking a bit dirty   Old seats out saw the opportunity to repaint and tidy up the interior (pictures make paint look patchy - its not, just were its still drying)   New seats fitted and as I went for heated bases and backrests I took the plunge and wired them in (electrics are not my strong point) - following instructions and thinking logically about the cabling means its all neat and tidy (wiring running in transmission tunnel and two position switches neatly integrated (I think) in the dashboard   As the Stack display had a few issues this had been sent off for a full stripdown and repair, I requested that the white face be replaced with black as I think its more in keeping with the rest of the car   Driving position has definitely changed, sitting about an inch lower but backrest is more upright so eyeline is probably at the same level   Next on the to-do list is a Carbon NV carbon aeroscreen - will be fitted next month with a little luck   Slowly the car is feeling like "mine"




Update for recent activity

A few more jobs ticked off the to do list.   Oil and filter change - after speaking to a fair few people including Technical support at Millers Oils I plumped for Millers Nanaodrive CFS 10w60 NT+ - not exactly cheap at £17 per litre but you can't put a price on looking after your engine. After identifying the filter as being from a Sierra Cosworth a quick trip to ECP got me 5 of them, they were on offer and as I intend oil changes twice per year it makes sense to have a stock of them   Having seen a very impressive demonstration of Faher Anti-friction HD I decided to place an order.

Using the engine oil as a carrier it reduces friction by up to 90% - certainly the test rig I watched showed just how well it appears to work.

Added it to the oil today, let it circulate and then went out for a drive. Now the engine in the Westfield is never going to be smooth and sophisticated but I noticed an immediate improvement - felt smoother and freer revving.

Never been a believer or fan of these additives but the demonstration convinced me that this could be different and read quite a few very positive reviews, combined with the excellent response from Chris at Ashford Classic Cars gave me the nudge I needed to give it a try and so far - very impressed   In anticipation of the new seats arriving shortly I needed to change the retaining method for the carbon half doors. These were retained by a cobbled together securing bolt attached to each seat over which the elastic cord attaches - crude but effective.

Not wanting to drill holes in brand new seats and attach bolts to I pondered and after much searching found some pretty subtle hooks that could be attached to the chassis rails that not only will keep the new seats unscathed but also easier to use. Erring on the cautious side I have also added "reserve" hooks invisibly under the chassis rail just in case the primary ones fail.

As the original cord was looking a little tired I order and fitted new black and red cord to tie in with the colour scheme   The weekend saw me remove the half doors, replace the corroded washers and also all the old rubber piping around the edge to prevent rubbing on the bodywork - once removed and cleaned, fresh piping was attached - a minor job but makes it look neater and fresher   Replaced the old, worn and tired steering with a new one - same size but much more comfortable and able to utilise the same quick release hub - all finished off with a custom carbon Westfield engraved wheel centre   I think its often these smaller jobs and improvements that keep a car fresh and the car is certainly to feel like my own now




Collection day

Insurance sorted, car paid for, train tickets bought, helmet bought, waterproofs bought - collection day was set as Saturday 25th Feb. I spend most of the week in Germany but all week long my weather forecast was prominent on my desktop in Russelsheim, not showing local German weather but the forecast for the big day in Shropshire and Leicestershire - it started off not looking good and as the week progressed the outlook became bleaker. I had promised my petrolhead 9 year old that if it looked as if it was going to be dry then he could come with me - needless to say that did not register, all he heard was "you can come with me" - he was not happy to be left at home and his mum had a slightly difficult morning to deal with :-) Morning of the 25th dawned and it was very grey and it was obvious the rain was not far away.  Leaving Telford at 9am I got the train to Birmingham - no rain, got the train to Melton Mowbray - still no rain, got the taxi to Ians home and literally as we pulled up to the end of his drive it started to rain. Paperwork down, spares already pre-installed in the passenger it was time for the off.  Only 9 litres showed in the fuel tank, about 30 miles in an SEiGHT, totally unfamiliar with the area I decided to go back to Melton where the taxi had passed a fuel station, even if it was out of my way I felt it was the sensible thing to do. All fuelled up and now I had no idea how to get back to Loughborough from where I knew my way home) - no problem, simply call up Google maps on my phone - rural Leicestershire clearly has not reached this century as mobile reception was non-existent.  After driving about 25 miles through identikit villages with signs pointing to only other tiny villages I stumbled across a road with a sign to Loughborough, now I could make my way home as opposed to driving round in circles. Rain, aeroscreens, 205 section tyres, 5.1 litre V8. mud on the roads does not make for a relaxing drive but I got home in 1 piece, Ian was certainly right, 1st gear simply provides wheelspin and no forward motion, he forgot to mention that 2nd, 3rd and 4th also provide wheelspin. Having to park the car up under its cover without washing it first was an alien concept to me - anyone who knows me would say I'm slightly OCD about the cleanliness of my cars but sometimes there is no choice.              




What came before

At the grand old age of 49 I knew the time was right to have another Westfield in my life. Way back when (early 2000's) I had a Lotus Twin Cam powered Westfield, bought from East Sussex but life kind of got in the way of enjoying it and it was eventually sold.  Did not have any pictures of it but bizzarely I discovered it was for sale a couple of weeks ago and only about 15 miles from where I now live in Shropshire. I did have a brief (and very enjoyable) flirtation with a Grinnall Scorpion but in deciding I wanted a toy it was going to be one with 4 wheels In my work (automotive industry) I have been fortunate enough to drive a lot of great cars on some great test tracks and circuits (and get paid to do it), most memorable by far was being custodian of Lexus Europes LFA at Ascari for two weeks and also worked with some great drivers, Alex Wurz, ex BTCC drivers, manufacturer test drivers etc so had plenty of opportunity for tuition and the cars I own tend to be bought with a clear goal in mind. Deciding I wanted a fun car was based on the cars I already own, a daily BMW M135i (great car and very twitchy) and a Mercedes CL500 (fantastic quality and so relaxing to drive) - a Westfield complemented those really well       




The background

The starting point was a simple one - I absolutely had no need for another car. I work in Germany 3/4 days out of every 7 and had two cars that I was (am) very happy with, an M135i and CL500 Out of the blue last week the specialist who I bought the CL from contacted me to let me know that they had just acquired a car I might be interested in - turns out it was a very low mileage S4 convertible with a full Milltek exhaust. Thought about it for 24 hours and concluded that I did not want it - just too much cross over in abilities across my existing cars, the only thing that stood out was the fact that it was a convertible - this is where the man maths started to come into play For the money the S4 required what else would it buy me that was a convertible and could stand apart from my existing cars. Having previously owned a Lotus twin cam powered Westfield back in the early 00's I started to look at what was available. Research soon showed that cars were split into three main groups: Bike engined
1.6 - 2.0 mainly Zetec powered
A handful of Seights Within this grouping there was further sub division into sensible (!!) with windscreens and wet weather gear and more hardcore aeroscreened cars. At this stage I had no idea what I wanted so figured the best way forward was to join here and various forum groups, post wanted ads and talk to people, hoping that this would start to clarify what was a contender and what was definitely not First to go were the bike engined cars, nothing wrong with them but just not the kind of driving experience I was looking for - I wanted primarily a weekend blast car and maybe the odd track day Yanto contacted me and advised his car may be for sell so a date was agreed to go over and have a look, a leisurely look at documentation on the day and the car followed by a run out soon saw me deciding this was the car for me and a deal was struck - man maths meant my self-imposed budget was blown but needs must SPEC Westfield Wide body SEight Chassis built 2004
Weight approx 670 Kg
All aluminium panels are black powder coated
Crimson red Gel Coat (lightweight fibreglass body)
Carbon fibre “Cycle Wings”
Removable Rear arches
Carbon fibre stone protectors
Carbon fibre “boot” panel
Carbon fibre dash
Westermann Motor sport Carbon Fibre half doors (forward tilting for ease of access)
Rose jointed “RAC” Roll Bar
5 ¾” black headlights
Carbon effect indicator pods
Rear carbon effect lights  Interior
Westfield Sports seats (fixed)
Willans 4” 4-point harnesses
Carbon fibre gear knob
Passenger foot rest Instrumentation
Stack ST8130 Digidash Plus, with full parameter recording and lap timer
Oil Temp
Oil Pressure
Water Temp
Fuel Pressure
Fuel tank contents (with low alarm)
Max Speed
Immobiliser Engine
V8 5.1 by V8 Developments (started life a s 4.6)
300 bhp @ 5200 rpm, 360 lbft torque @ 3000 rpm on 95 Ron
330 bhp @ 5300 rpm 380 lbft torque @ 3200 rpm on 99 Ron
Lightened flywheel
Vernier timing chain set
Dynamically balanced Lubrication
3 stage John Eales Dry sump pump
Large capacity bespoke oil tank
Alloy catch tank
Aeroquip oil pipes Fuelling
Bespoke extra long range tank baffled with integral swirl pot and foam filled
Fuel filler mounted on top of “boot” cover.
Jenvey Throttle bodies (8 off)
ITG Filters ECU
DTA 8 PRO programmable ECU with Launch and Traction Control
Software and switch block/data cables Cooling
Bespoke (Brise Fabrications) radiator
Electric (pull) fan and thermostat controlled by ECU
Samco Silcone hoses Exhaust
Bespoke central underfloor stainless steel with 2 silencers to meet strictest track sound limits Transmission
R380 gearbox
Heavy duty clutch
Ford Sierra 7” diff with ZF plated LSD 3.62 ratio, correctly set up and progressive Steering/Suspension/Running Gear
Specifications for suspension were developed by head of Audi Chassis Dynamics (at the time).
Front and Rear Nitron dampers, Dyno’d and matched to springs
Front Anti- roll Bar
Oz Ultraleggera Wheels
Brand new Federal 595 rs 205/55/15 tyres
BG Quick disconnect steering boss
Quick rack 2.1 turns lock to lock (with stops) Brakes
Hi Spec Ultralight 4 pot front Calipers with drilled discs
Sierra Rear Calipers with integral handbrake and drilled discs  



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