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  1. Massive turnout last night- nearly 400 cars
  2. andy665

    Westfield in Stafford

    Yes, tonight's is usually the biggest of the year
  3. Anyone venturing over tonight - great meet if you have never been before - should be between 200 and 300 cars tonight, great selection of kits, classics, moderns and American. Wharf TavernGoldstoneMarket DraytonShropshireTF9 2LP
  4. andy665

    Westfield in Stafford

    If you fancy a run out this evening the monthly Pistonheads meet is on between 6.30 and late just outside Market Drayton - should be 200-300 cars tonight, kits, classics, modern and American Its one of the best meets in the area and run properly - driving stupidly gets you an immediate ban - I will be there tonight and I know a few other non Westfield kit owners will be there too Wharf TavernGoldstoneMarket DraytonShropshireTF9 2LP
  5. andy665

    Westfield in Stafford

    Nice looking car and I'm relatively local to you
  6. andy665

    My inheritance

    Hard to read but great that you have kept and are enjoying the Westy
  7. andy665

    Westfield Seight

    If I can give you any advice in your early days its this: 1. Check your speedo - speed piles on a lot more quickly than you imagine - mine no longer feels fast - until I look at the speedo 2. Watch out for changing down too soon, its very easy to lock up the back end, I had to learn to approach corners, roundabouts in one gear higher than my brain was telling me to The V8 really is a great all rounder - blitz most things on the road but equally happy to potter around using the torque
  8. andy665

    Westfield Seight

    Welcome - looks like a nice car. Whats the spec?
  9. andy665

    Westfield Msa Bar

    Would this be a direct replacement for an RAC bar on my SEight?
  10. andy665

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    It was a leap of faith with them but so pleased that they work well with the Crimson
  11. andy665

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    A couple of mine after 5 hours of machine polishing and waxing
  12. andy665

    Group Runs, never taken part in one before?

    Good article I have set up and run many convoys for manufacturers running new car launch events - generally with up to 12 cars in the convoy (plus lead and tail cars) I would always recommend having a tail car that is in contact with the lead car so that stragglers can be safely and quickly rounded up Running a safe and enjoyable convoy is not that difficult if a little common sense prevails - never run a light to keep with the convoy, never take a chance at junctions / roundabouts to keep up with the car in front etc etc
  13. andy665

    21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    This surely has to become an annual event
  14. andy665

    21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    Thanks for organising this - nice to give the old V8 a stretch - pretty happy with my attempts

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