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Reports from our Speed Series Correspondent


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Tel's Tales: 3 Sisters 1st Sept 2019

3 Sisters Sunday 12st Sept 2019 Following the last few really hot weeks the weather was taking a change as we approached the first day of Autumn (1/9/19). As a results the forecast was poor with the chance of rain throughout the day  but what do you expect in Lancashire? As the 8  Westfield competitors arrived at the circuit they were greeted by a nice rainbow. Quite soon it was raining as we prepared our cars for the 1000hrs start with a full entry. As predicted the track was very wet but

Tel's Tales Ty Croes Oct 2018

Ty Croes 6th/7th Oct 2018 Well the was the long awaited finale to the 2018 season. Most of the year had seen John Loudon and myself as leaders in the overall championship and Simon Waterfall pushing for at least Novice championship honours in the ex Kev Bamber car. After celebrating our 50thwedding anniversary Margaret and I booked  a one week cruise to the Greek Islands and I would be back just in time for ANGLESEY. Whilst I was away John Loudon and Howard (I am sneaking up on you)  Gaskin

Tel's Tales Three Sisters 4th Aug 2019

Tel’s Tales 3 Sisters 4th Aug 2019   This weekend saw 4 Westfields competing at Hethel and 4 at 3 Sisters where I was. John Hoyle was in class F whilst myself, Steve and Matt were in class G. In some ways this was a strange  event for Longton and District Motor Club as there were only 43 drivers taking part. The day ran well and the predicted heavy rain started at 1500hrs but by then we had completed 1 Practice and 8 Timed runs so it was great value for money and the competition was ke

Tel's Tales Snetterton May 2017

TEL's TALES 05/17 Snetterton weekend 13th/14th May 2017     Well I am just back from a great weekend run by Borough 19 at Snetterton where we had 13 speed series cars on the Saturday and 15 on Sunday so it was a good turnout and a well run event. I delivered another set of Force rims to Pete Goulding and also transported a nosecone. Despite the worry about paddock space due to a massive Mini/racing weekend on the outer track we were mostly on the tarmac apart from a few who a

Tel's Tales Silverstone 3rd June 2018

Tel’s Tales Silverstone Stowe Circuit 3rdJune 2018 After around a 6 or 7 years break we eventually managed to get invited to attend this meeting although it turned out to be a single lap and not the 2 lapper I remember from the past. We had quite a good turnout of 11 Westfields even though it was on the same weekend as Pembrey (2 events in the south on the same weekend!). The forecast for Sunday was good but as I loaded up the car and set off it was raining hard in York. The first bad

Tel's Tales Rockingham 25 March 2018

Tel’s Tales Rockingham Sunday 25th March 2018 So the miserable cold wet winter “closed” season was over and it was a return visit to the fast circuit at Rockingham. Despite the wet weather we have had recently the forecast was ok and so the drivers were looking forward to being out on track again despite the tarmac temperature being cold. I had only changed my engine oil and put a new set of radial slicks on the car but with Steve’s car we ended up changing oil, refurbishing the starte

Tel's Tales Knockhill 2019

Knockhill Sprint Sept 2019-09-09 Well I am back from a most amazing weekend in sunny Scotland having attended the 2 day sprint. It seemed like everything that could happen did happen and it turned out to be a great weekend of motorsport with 8 Westfields plus the class J cars taking part in the sprints alongside the usual Super Lap Scotland competition. It was originally Mark Anson’s idea to go to Knockhill (it has been many years since we were last there) and my discussions with Steve Arkl

Tel's Tales Issue 071 Ty Croes 1st and 2nd Oct 2016

TEL's TALES 071/16 Ty Croes weekend 1st/2nd Oct 2016 The third visit of the season and the climax of our speed series saw 22 competitors plus Dave Cleaver who was tyre testing. The overall championship had already been sewn up by John Loudon so the pressure was off him but there was a great battle between Maurici Tevilla and Barny Francis which would be decided over the weekend. Derek Hodder was tyring to overhaul me to get 4th overall and Matt Turner was in with a chance of beating me f

Tel's Tales Issue 070 Curborough Fig 8- 27th Aug 2016

Tel's Tales 070/16 Curborough Figure of 8 27th Aug 2016 With a late entry for Pete Goulding in his Mygale FF single seater there were 6 of us compared to last year's 8. This ws probably due to the clash with the Loton hillclimb weekend and LDMC's Harewood event on Sunday. In the end it was a disappointing/frustrating day mainly due to the number of cars and the weather resulting in only 1 timed run for most of us. There were actually 80 entries with thousands of Porsche cars and C

Tel's Tales Issue 069 Three Sisters 30 July 2016

TEL's TALE's 069/16 Three Sisters 30th July 2016 This was the second visit to the Three Sisters track near Wigan and used course number 2 again. A total of 9 Speed Series guys were entered and the weather forecast was good and indeed it stayed dry all day. I was on holiday in the south of France and did not leave Nimes airport until 1030hrs Friday and in less than 24 hrs, by 0715hrs Saturday, I was in the paddock and ready to rumble. It was good to see Graham Frankland taravelling north

Tel's Tales Issue 068 - 9th and 10th July 2016

Blyton Westfield Sprint weekend 9th and 10th July 2016 Introduction This was the long awaited Westfield organised Sprint weekend and also a Friday trackday attended by many Westfileds and a few Competitors. Much work had been put in by John Williams and his team of helpers and by this time they have already received our thanks. The weekend also saw a great effort in raising approx £730 funds for “Hope for Cancer” charity which was well supported and offered nice cakes and a raffle. Many

Tel's Tales Issue 067 25th June 2016

TEL's TALE's 067/16 Aintree 25/06/16 Introduction Well Aintree is not one of my favourite tracks since I went bike engined a few years a go. With only 69 ft lbs of torque and a long, long straight its hard to get good terminal speed especially if there is a headwind......and guess what we had one so target times were going to to be very very difficult. My brother Steve quite likes it and we decide to give it a go as he needs the event for the championship following his engine blow up. A

Tel's Tales Issue 066 TY Croes weekend June 2016

TEL's TALE's 066/16 Ty Croes, Anglesey 18th and 19th June 2016 Introduction This was my first trip to Anglesey in the motorhome and also with Margaret so I was hoping for some good weather and socialising in the paddock and certainly a better night's kip compared to sleeping in the back of the trailer and I was looked after with sandwiches etc and we had a good BBQ Friday night. It was good to see that Michael Skidmore was back out following his problems at Pembrey. A total of 12 Speed

Tel's Tales Issue 065 Pembrey weekend June 2016

For those who have not had the opportunity to visit, Pembrey is an airfield circuit located on the south west coast of Wales, about 20 minutes beyond Llanelli. Known as ‘The Home of Welsh Motorsport’, it hosts car, truck and bike racing as well as rally cross, tarmac rallies, track days, karting and driving experiences along with an annual sprint for National A and National B competitors. Facilities include a spacious concrete paddock, plenty of grass areas for camping, toilets, showers, restaur

Tel's Tales Issue 064 Snetterton weekend May 2016

TEL's TALE's 064/16 Snetterton 21st and 22nd May 2016 ( B19 event) For me this round trip of 400 miles is worth it as Snetterton is a great track with 2laps and some very tricky and technical corners. Particularly novel for me was the use of my newly purchased Motorhome which would provide fantastic accommodation over the weekend event. I did not find the fact that my total vehicle length was about 13m a problem but my god it does use some fuel and recorded about 24mpg!!! Having said tha

Tel's Tales Issue 063 Harewood May 2016

TEL's TALE's 063/16 Harewood Hillclimb 7 & 8 May 2016 This is the only hllclimb I usually do as it is 25mins from where I live, its in god's own county and I used to spend lots of time when I was about about 16 yrs old watching along with crowds of approxiately 1000 to 2000 people. How times have changed! Even the RAC rally used it as a special stage and its other claim to fame is that its the longest hillclimb in England. Saturday Eight speed series guys were entered for both Sat

Tel's Tales Issue 062/16 Ty Croes April/May 2016

TEL's TALE's 062/16 Ty Croes, Anglesey 30 April- 1 May 2016 Well what a miserable showing from the Speed Series guys. Just myself and John Loudon showed up and with an entry of only 68 the MGCC were making a big loss on the weekend and are contemplating whetehr to run it next year and that would be a shame as its one of the favourite venues with 2 different circuits over the weekend. As my motorhome was ready until next week I had to sleep in the trailer again. The forecast was below zer

Tel's Tales Issue 061/16 3 Sisters 10th April 2016

TEL's TALE's 060/16 3 Sisters 10th April 2016 The weather alll week was wet and cold so it was promising to have a good forecast for the Sunday event. Crossing the M62 int deepest Lancashire saw lots of fog, snow on the hills and temperatures down to -2C. I pulled into the paddock at 0725hrs and got the car out of the trailer in pristine condition after its clean up following Croft. b******* me if Andy Hargreaves came charging onto the paddock to park alongside me and go through a deep

Tel's Tales Issue 060/16 Croft Easter 2016

TEL's TALE's 060/16 Croft 28th March 2016 Easter Monday is always Croft sprint so most of us got loaded up on Sunday. I managed it just before we had thunder and lightening and a massive hailstorm so things did not look good for the morning. I live in York and the rain belted it down all night and caused some local roads to flood so my 0600hrs start for the drive up to Croft was dark and a bit hairy in places. Arrived to find an almost deserted and empty paddock (which never looked full

Tel's Tales Issue 059 -Rockingham 2016

TEL's TALE's 058/2016 Rockingham March 2016 So here we go for the 2016 speed series which has a good number of entries despite the enforced MSA changes to roll over bars, cages, tyres etc. Class F seems to be well supported and this years sees a few more in single seaters or having sold their Westfields. Despite all the doom merchants suggesting it would be cold, wet and snowy it was actually dry, reasonably warm and we had sunshine. Nine speed series contenders were there. Only the tra

Tel's Tales Issue 058 -Anglesey October 2015

TEL's TALE's 057/2015 Ty Croes Oct Weekend: 2015 This was the weekend showdown when everyone wanted to improve or consolidate their position in the various categories and championships with the biggest battle between John Hoyle and Adrian Clinton Watkins (ACW) for the overall championship position. John Loudon and myself were trying hard to stay near the top and Tim Nunn also wanted more points. The Novice championship was also up for grabs. The event was run by the Longton and District

Tel's Tales Issue 057 -Ty Croes Anglesey September 2015

TEL's TALE's 057/2015 Ty Croes Sept : 2015 A big Westfield presence was to make this a great weekend for most but not everyone! Many had long journeys and fought their way through the Friday traffic and Pete Goulding and his son Jack had another epic 8hr trip which they were thinking was too far and too long. Lee Smith had pulled out as his engine failed close to the weekend. As most people know Adrian Clinton Watkins made a monumental effort to get his (well Barry Slingsby's car actuall

Tel's Tales Issue 056 -Curborough Fig 8 August 2015

TEL's TALE's 056/2015 Curborough Figure of 8 : 2015 A big break for several competitors since Blyton saw a split of events betweeen the Loton Park hillclimb weekend (which seemed a little expensive to me) and Curborough. Clearly I chose Curborough having enjoyed the new layout last year. There were 8 Westfield's as Adrian Clinton Watkins had withdrawn and was going to Loton Park. An early start for me and Steve as usual saw us arrive bang on 0730hrs for me to find that some pea brained C

Tel's Tales Issue 055 -Blyton July 2015

Tel's Tales 055 – 2015 Season- Blyton 11th and 12th July 2015 This was the place to be at our own Westfield Weekend. First let me make an apology! There was so much happening over the weekend and we were all split up in different positions that I cannot possibly comment on everyone's problems but just the ones I became aware of. My weekend of motorsport started when I arrived on Friday morning to help run the Sprint School with Paul Morcom and Adam Read. The Friday trackday was used by some to

Tel's Tales Issue 054 -Anglesey June 2015

Tel's Tales 054– 2015 Season- Anglesey 13th and 14th May 2015 The build up to this June event run by MAC and Chester MC started to cast some doubts when the finals saw that we had different numbers on both days (never seen that in my 15 plus years of competing), there was to be no cafe/restaurant open and maybe no catering at all! Plus there are no awards at the event (sent to winners at the end of the season). So I packed burgers,sausages,stove, beer,bbq,frying pan etc as I prefer to stay in t
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