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Steven (WE51STE)


At last months meeting we discussed the location and date for the Warwickshire Christmas Meal.

The attendees came to the conclusion that they would like to go to the "Cafe Taraminds" :

Cafe Tamarinds

376 Kenilworth Road

Balsall Common


Tel. 01676 533308

The decision was made that it was probable better to do the Christmas Meal on the 2nd Thursday of December ( 13/12/12).

This was because they thought that the 20th December was a little to close to Christmas.

We are planning to get there and start eating around 7:30pm .

If you can let me know if you want to attend then I'll book the seats next week.



Attending 16 People : -

  • Steven Mead
  • Noi Mead
  • Chris Lund
  • Rebecca Gilbert
  • Andrew Hilbert
  • Martin Basford
  • Justin Lever
  • Geoff Hall
  • Stephen guest
  • Sarah guest
  • Andrew Chipman
  • Mark Williams
  • Derek Pointon
  • Lisa Pointon
  • Scott Young
  • Hazel Young

Maybe :-

  • Belloboss

Apologies :-

  • Steve "Harry" Potter
  • Simon Owen

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Steven (WE51STE)

After the regular monthly meeting we have a few more names to add the the list ( see amended first post )

We also discussed the start time and people wanted to start at 7:30 instead of 8:00 so I've also amended the start time.

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Captain Colonial

Hazel and I would like to come too. :)

BTW Steve, I've edited the boardroom calendar to add the venue and correct the date and time, and added our names to update the list. :t-up:

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New flash!

As always I'm tied up. But will be there, just might be a bit late. I'm expecting 1930-2000. If someone pm's me their number I'll update as it happens so that you're not waiting up for us.


Mr+Mrs C

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Steven (WE51STE)

I can confirm the restaurant is booked for 7:30 on the 13th ( Thursday ) December for the 16 people listed above in the original post.

If anyone else is interested or anyone that now cannot make it please contact me ASAP so I can let th restaurant know.

B C IN U Soon,


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Steven (WE51STE)

I've just sent out an email reminder to the WSCC Warwickshire & Friends Mailing List.


If anyone else would like to join us or can no longer make it please let me know ASAP.





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