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Club Secretary (Reserve)

Attention Non-WSCC Members And New Users

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Club Secretary (Reserve)

From today, 1st March 2012, new users to the forum and ALL current non WSCC members and guests will enjoy access to the Search function and access to their own profiles for a period of 30 days from the day the account is created. However there will be no access to the For Sale sections or other users profiles.

After 30 days, new users and non members will lose that privilege. To continue to utilise the Search and have access to other areas of the site, and to be able to view other members profiles you must be a bona fide WSCC member. In other words, you have to part with a subscription fee.

The WSCC welcomes all newbies and guests with open arms and we hope that you enjoy the privilieges we have extended to you. Please treat them with consideration and respect.

Thank you.

The WSCC Committee.

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