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'Blade questions

Martin H

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Evening all (first post on this forum).

I'm thinking of coming over from the dark side ( ;) ) in search of more power at an affordable price, and am particularly interested in a Blade. It would be almost exclusively for track use. Having browsed the forum for a while, I have a few unanswered questions:

1) It seems that concensus is that a blade doesn't need a dry sump. However, would that still stand for a track only car? Or is it just a case of recognising that it could blow up, but the engines are relatively cheap anyway? If a dry sump is needed, what's the rough cost?

2) How easy and costly is it to retrofit a full cage? And are they readily available?

3) Will a 'blade fit on a minno trailer (I believe the cockpit is wider than a Caterham's?)

4) What's the main driver for the difference in price? I've seen 'blades of a similar age and apparently similar spec for between £9k and £12K. It makes me think that there's a certain amount of "hidden" things to look out for that make a big difference to performance/reliability/cost. Is that the case, or am I likely to have just seen a bargain at £9k??

Many thanks - and apologies for all the questions!!!  :)


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By track use do you mean trackdays or racing (or both)? Anyway:

1) - Lots of Blade cars have done lots of laps and none I've heard of 'blew up' due to lack of a drysump. These engines seem for the most part very robust and put up with a lot of abuse (I.E. Trackdays :D ). So no, I think you'll be fine without a drysump.

My old Megablade did a fair few trackday laps and was fine. My new build Blade will also be doing trackdays without a drysump (and this one is turbocharged).

2) - Have a look at this thread: Cage I think this is a bolt-in cage but I'm sure the owner can confirm these details (inc. costs).

3) - Think so.

4) - Build quality (was the car put together or thrown), previous useage, history/documentation/receipts, is it a true Mega or a converted SEiW/SEW/SE, 4pot brakes, AVO rather than Spax (except for the Gold ones), lots of carbon fibre...... etc. Best bet is go and have a carefull look and compare what you get for your money.

Oh, I know this is your first post and all, but I feel I must correct something you said:

I'm thinking of coming over from the dark side

The word is "to" not "from" :D  :D  :D  :D

Welcome and have fun,


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The BEC Boys will be along shortly and i'm sure will answer all your questions

All except for Barney, who's now too busy changing nappies now :D  :D

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