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!!! www.xtr2.net is alive !!!

Ian Gratton

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As promised http://www.xtr2.net is now on-line.

Its a little empty at the moment (but hey - there aren't too many XTR² cars on the roads yet).

We hope that the site will be a useful resource for anybody buying a kit or thinking about buying a kit in the future.

Westfield themselves seem pretty happy with the idea too which is nice :)


One other very exciting thing happened today :D:d Craig and I actually drove an XTR² for the very first time at Curborough Sprint Circuit.  There are pictures on the site right now and we'll hopefully have a full review/writeup by the end of the week.  And guess what....Westfield themselves now have an orange XTR².... copy cats ;)


Where are those spanners - Saturday is getting very close :D

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but your metallic orange looks far better than the Jaffa + matt black 'bonnet' look of their car......good luck with the build I for one will be checking your progress with interest  :p

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Hi Ian.

The site is looking good - very promising and some suitable competition for me to aim at (quality wise, my content will be slightly different).

Good to meet and chat with you and Craig yesterday - for reference I was the one chatting to you on the fence, ordering a MegaBird, used to have an Elise... ringing any bells?

Anyway, look forward to reading of your progress.  I think I ought to phone Westfield and place my order now...   :D


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Good luck with your build - Hope it all goes as quickly and as smoothly as getting your website up and running  ;)  :D  :)

Must say though that your Metallic Orange colour choice looks far better than the Tango and Black..... but beauty is in the eye of the .......  ;)  :D  :)

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Hiya Dave...

you KNOW you want to buy a car right now :D

Driving the P1 home felt like a Tractor - 1.5 lock to lock in the scooby would be ace fun.  The quickest rack you can by from STI is 2.2 - the P1 is 2.5 - slow compared to the XTR&sup2.

It has really driven home what we've gone and done - deposit down without a drive....we really hadn't a clue how it would behave.  We are both so very glad we did this.  Curborough felt narrow to be trying to learn a car...but the possibilities are massive - as shown when it was in experienced hands by the so-called 'nutter' ;)

The XTR will demand respect and reward smooth inputs - the subaru however will accept ham-fisted inputs and barrel on in an average kind of way making you feel like you've done good - until you step a little too over the limit and they bite your Ass.  I am looking forward to 'getting smooth' and being safely sideways :D:d.

Donington (our home track) will never be the same for us again :)  The crainer curves will be insane in the XTR - 115/120 is about as far as I like to go in the P1- any more and my pants go brown LOL.

The scoobynet lot are watching with interest too...I'm sure they will be shocked that the XTR is leagues ahead in terms of speed, handling, fun, the whole lot.  And the running costs are a fraction of what Craig and I are used to.

It wouldn't suprise me if a few more sheep join the Westfield gang when they see ours in action.

Speak to you soon folks


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I don't think the photos do the car justice to be honest.

The colour on the demo is Mclaren Orange and it does look very very nice in the flesh.

Can't even compare the XTR2 to my Scoob - different league.

And the noise :D

Was an interesting day and was nice to meet everyone and all the Westfield crew - hospitality was superb.

2 more days to go :D

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But with an XTR do you get small furry animals making nests inside your exhaust pipe  ;) - only maybe over the winter!  :D


Owner of a Scoob with 2 gerbil sized tail pipes :0  :0 - rather than 1 badger sized one  :D  :p

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Maybe that was the old mini shaped car that that was made several years ago ....... ;)

showing up my age ....... yes bl**** old   :cool:

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To my knowledge XTR² stands for



(silent and)


² - being for 2 seater.

Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.

If I put any more weight on we'll have the the first XTR1 - I'll have to bin one of the seats LOL.


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just looked at ur website and noticed that the car on the track day has higher lights than the original...i am presuming this is to pass sva? not too sure what the height levels for sva are...

which do you have, personally prefer the lower ones, makes it look a bit more porposeful, but thats just my opinion! I'm sure it wont make any difference to the dum struck faces as you fly past...! :cool:

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the higher position of the lights is purely for SVA - the others were way too low.

We had a visit back to the factory yesterday to take more photographs of another customers rolling chassis (factory build) and to get new trackrods as the ones we had needed re tapping in order to take the rose joints.  We also picked up a right diff carrier as we were not happy with the finish on the one in the kit.

Our car is taking shape.  it now has

Front wishbones with dampers, hubs, antiroll bars

Rear wishbones with dampers, hubs, antiroll bars

Steering rack and column

Rear diff in place.

a long long long way to go ....


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