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Carbon Effect?


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Hello all.

Thought I'd ask this as a bit of newbie.

Does anyone know who does the carbon effect work for Westfield?  I have received death threats from Westfield if they were to tell me (eh Simon?).

Concocting an evil plan for a semi-carbon effect nosecone... interesting huh?  Well if you're interested enough, let me know, if we all chip in it might be possible!

Nowt to lose by asking here at any rate.


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*blacked-out Mercedes comes round corner*

*helicopter circles overhead*

*men in RayBans talking into their cuff links close in*

Run away!......


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See page 5 of Westfield World Dec/Jan02 - check out photo (!;) - ESP Plastics may have the answer........sorry, gotta go, there's someone at the front door, they've got dark glasses on............uh oh........I'm running.......  :arse:  :arse:


:cool:  :cool:  :cool:  :arse:

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Why should the thread be pulled  ???  oh no helicopters now circling overhead  :D  Chill out life is to seroius to be taken shortly ...... or something like that

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