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Dry sump or Acu-Sump for bike engine?


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I'm foolishly (from the bank balance point of view) about to start building a Megabusa, but I'm after more info on oil systems.

I plan to use the car mainly for track days, sprints, hill-climbs and maybe the odd sunny-day road jaunt.

Obviously the ultimate solution is to go for a TTS/ Westfield dry sump kit, but at £1200 it isn't exactly cheap. Do any of you have any experience of using the pressurised Acu-sump type systems and are they any good? Or should I stop penny-pinching and give the Westfield boys the cash?

Thanks for all your help!

Peter R

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I have an Accusump on a SEight.  It's better than oil starvation (or a poke in the eye with a sharp stick), but I'd rather have a dry sump, if they weren't so expensive and didn't take up so much space.  The Accusump deals with oil surging in the sump and also provides lubrication at start up (big deal), but it makes oil level management a problem -- especially in a Rover V8 which runs 3 or 4 bar oil pressure when cold and less than 1 bar when idling hot.  

The expense and the size of the dry sump (both the pump and the oil tank) would be a problem for me.  For you???


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Thanks fellas  - space isn't a problem with the bike engine... so I'll get saving!

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