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Fitting Hood & Sidescreens


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After the recent extremely wet weather, I have finally given in and bought a hood and set of sidescreens. My '89 SEi narrow has never had either, so does not have any hardware fitted to accept them.

Can anyone advise what fitments I need for attaching front of hood to windscreen, rear of hood to body, sidescreens to windscreen pillars and what keeps sidescreens closed? Also where is the best place to source required items



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At the risk of stating the obvious - W*******D ? Did you purchase the hood from them ? They fit them most days so should be able to offer you some advice.

If not or they can't help you - Try Aldridge Trim in Wolverhampton.

Directory enquiries should have number, cos I lost it somewhere (Doh !!!;)  :D

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Anyone who fits weqther gear of any sort is a WUSS!

Christ I am in a mean mood tonight -   Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :angry:

I have found that you only seem to get wet when you stop. The brick like aerodynamics seem to pesuade the rain to go straight over my head .......  just like alot of othe things apparently


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Hood to windscreen, depends on your screen. Later ones have a screw in the back of the screen top which locates in a slot in the plastic trim on the hood itself. Older ones (I think) had a row of studs to attach.

Sidescreens have hinges which slot into the pillars. Hinges are bolted through sidescreen leading edges.  Sidescreens should have straps attached at the bottom which secure to the inside of the car. Strap is bolted to sidescreen and uses press stud thing inside car.

Hood to body used studs (there is a proper name for them). You rivet the 'male' to the car  :0 . The 'female' needs a punch  :0  down tool to do it properly.  You make a small hole in the hood fit the 2 female parts either side and wack it using a hammer on the punch tool. The tool is available from Woolies as is a holemaking device. (not very good on names this morning)

When fitting hood to body, start on the center line and work outwards.

Get ready for a lot of vinyl stretching and aching thumbs!


Mike H

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