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Picking up my first Westfield this weekend - sooooo excited (sad but true).

There's a couple of things I want to change straight away.

First up, the gear lever (4 speed) comes straight out of the centre tunnel at you meaning when you're in the even gears it is parallel with the tunnel and you have to turn your hand over and pull it up rather than push it into gear - if you see what I mean.

Is there an angled extension you can get to make the stick a little more vertical?

Second, the car is on 13 inch minilites and I'm a big wheel man myself. Most cars you see seem to be on 15s and they do look better. Do they do anything to upset the dynamics at all?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Sam Cooke

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Big wheels are a pet peeve of mine, far too Max Power and make the cars look silly. The only reasons/excuses I can see for them are if you can't find the right tyres (ie. the sticky rubber of choice is in a 15) or you need to fit a super-wide tyre.

Upping the wheels will up the unsprung weight, change your gearing and alter the ride. Stick with the 13s, your handling will thankyou.

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GeeFin said it for me. Stick with 13's (he said, whilst desperately trying to offload a set of 15's in the For Sale section.......)

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Wow First Mark Knopfler now Sam Cooke -  :)

I got all your records ON VINYL and one or two of your daughters (Mrs Womack)  :cool:

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