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The way to buy a Westfield????????


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Not sure if this is the normal way of going about buying a Westfield, but being on a tight budget I want something interesting.

After looking at various posts regarding VX power and deciding that is what I want  I have bought an engine – standard XE so have lots of options. All I need to do now is find a car.

The reason was that I was looking at VX powered cars which were all around 7.5 to 8k, which is too much money for me, so this way I can look at cheap SeiW (I need the extra room!!! :D). I looked at one back at Donnington for 4.5k, but was not sure it was I wanted – hind sight is a wonderful thing.

In have one question – I want ~200 bhp from the engine, which is the best and most reliable way to go.

Thanks in anticipation.


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Throttle bodies and full engine management.  

Check out the SBD web-site as they have lots of kits to suit this engine.  Plenty of people in the WSCC Speed Series use SBD kit to good effect.

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