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1800 Wiring

Richard Kipping

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I've been trying to get an idea of where the wiring should be located on the 1800 Zetec, and ideally I'd like photos of the route the loom takes around the engine bay, along the transmission tunnel and at the back end.

It would seem already that some of the wires are too short, which is a bit of a pain, but maybe I haven't quite for the loom in right. So any photos would be very useful.  :cool:

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I have quite recently laid in the wiring for my Zetec engined car and it's a bit of a nightmare. I laid it all out on the floor and identified every connector using the wonderfully informative build manual  :sheep: and then fixed a piece of masking tape around the wire and wrote on the code number and a short form of what it did eg. Fr H/L, oil press. Then, by reference to the engine you can work out where the wires need to be near and it all sort of makes sense - really!

I routed the loom around the front of the engine bay for the lights, radiator gubbins, and then rearwards for the rhs indicator repeator.

The other half of the front loom goes over where the clutch bell housing will be. THis is the only area so far where I think I have made a slight error in that I fixed it to the front of the chassis rail, the top one, and when the engine is in, the thermostat housing is VERY close. Would have been better to go underneath but be careful when lowering engine/gearbox through that you don't wipe it off.

I have some photos but they are on the laptop. I'll try to sort some out for you.

Meanwhile, before anyone else comes along and says it, join up, it really is worth it.

Kerry S

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