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1998 zeiw speedsport 1800


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20210719_190206.thumb.jpg.fa2c99cfd61f05302e6305b0f7ad253e.jpgWell after realising I'm not able to use my long time dream car as much as I hoped Im tentatively putting it up for sale. 

I spent a long time looking for the right one for me and this was it. Low owners, great condition and original. Last owner since about 2005 before I bought it earlier this year. 

He promised me he'd never been over 70mph in it, did no more than 1k a year and the condition proves it. The mileage history is all over the place but I believed him when he said it had done no more than 12k and again the condition back this up. 

It's an origional scholar race engined speedsport, one of a batch of 30 from my research on here made between 98 and 2000. 

It's was registered 1st aug 1998.

I've fettled it since buying it, Powder coated rear wishbones, nylon bushed, all fluids, plugs, thermostat, leads, coil, string aligned twice, corner weighted and now handles really well on the origional tyres! 

It has Ali uprights, discs all round, mct75 box, 1.8 zetec on jenvey throttle bodies, arp bolts, lightened, balanced, ported, mbe956 ECU, vented nose and apparently good for mid 170bhp, trax spax dampers, all origional spec as left the factory. 

I have the spare wheel carrier and lockable boot lid also. 

Being the zeiw it has the factory scuttle and battery in the nose. This helps with the near perfect 50/50 cross weight.

Ben. 07415 730447




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A few better pictures. 

I have the wheel centres, just forgot to put them back on after string aligning. It is post office red, I don't have the best phone for pics, or the knowledge to rotate them! 

I also have the doors, the hood bars and the tonneau cover but not the hood itself, previous owner said he would send it when he found it, he hasn't. 


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Fixed that for you.













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Too many cars, need the space. £10.5k last drop in price, great car for silly winter money now. 

Or I keep it and be glad I didn't sell when spring comes:)

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