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Past Busa Owner, is it still around??


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Hi all,


I’ve just rejoined WSCC after a short break of some 14 or 15 years, and purchased a 1999 MegaBlade from Banchory in Scotland, whilst the blade is not quite the same as the Busa as far as torque, it reminds me of how loud everything is, and how much fun they are to drive, my plan is to sort its issues out first, which mainly seem to be electrical, then over the winter, engine out, new powder coated floor, full spanner check and poss few upgrades.


Does anyone know who has previously owned this car? ( 1st pic/red car)


Also, is my old MegaBusa still around, pretty sure the guy that bought it and the trailer lived down in Devon or Taunton? (2nd pic blue car)


I recognise a few names when I was doing the Speed Series, #TerryEverall I’m sure there are many more who stayed in the fold, looking forward to perhaps meeting you in the future.


KR James





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