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SOLD - Westfield Eleven - SOLD

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They say things come in threes, well after having to replace two "normal" cars I thought that would be it but no, along comes a visit to the vet for my partners dressage horse..... I'm not going to say what the final bill will be but the amount could have paid for an average to good Westfield and it's not finished yet.

So the decision has been made to sell the Eleven, tears in eyes etc.


The kit was purchased in 2016 and built up using parts from a 1970 Midget with V5 but no engine and after a brief spell powered with a 1.8 Zetec engine I obtained a 1700cc Crossflow engine from Mr T on the forum, so spec as follows:


Kit from Westfield with the usual bits included, carpets,(unused), IVA headlight pods, (unused), Bucket seats, full body polish etc.


Engine is a 1700cc crosflow with a big valve head and twin 40 Webers, new silvertop pump and Malpassi regulator, 234 fast road camshaft, stainless steel exhaust manifold coupled to a Westfield stainless steel silencer.

The ignition is a 3d Motorsport Electronics Nodiz using a coil pack, map sensor and crank trigger wheel.


The wiring was carried out by Hybrid Tune, up to final connection to lights etc but not connected and tested yet, so done professionally.


The gearbox is a 4 speed Quaife dogbox bought from forum member and well looked after.

The propshaft is a Baileymorris specially made item.


The rear axle uses a 3J Driveline lsd and halfshafts


Wheels are Minilight style with R888R tyres, only done one hill climb and one sprint.


New bearings on all axles plus new king pins, new discs and callipers.


New steering rack


The original front clip was cut to allow for the taller Zetec engine but the car will come with an unused front clip,(needs to be painted) and an unused rear clip with the head fairing, again needs to be painted.


The car has an Motorsport UK passport which shows the ROPS which will come with the car if needed.


The car does not have an IVA cert but with some checking and connecting could easily be done plus all of the parts originally supplied with the kit are available


All Invoices etc plus the V5 in my name are there.


Putting a value on the car as it stands is difficult but having seen another similar I would be looking for around £13K but open to serious offers but not silly ones.


Happy to answer questions via PMs.





westfield eleven side view.PNG

westfield ad2.PNG

westfield ad1.PNG

westfield ad 4.PNG

westfield ad 5.PNG

Westfield at Hethel.PNG

westfield ad 3.PNG

westfeild steering wheel.PNG

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After lots of discussions, I have decided to hold on to the car and progress it to IVA.


Thanks to all who have expressed interest and I'm sorry  for any disappointment caused.

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HI Rob,

             I can totally understand if you are going to IVA your Xl to keep for yourself, however I have been looking to build one that is so much like yours its uncanny. So basically I want an Xl to sprint etc. and although there are others around, they are not of the same spec as yours!

Is there  any way I can persuade you to sell me your Xl ? I have a Lotus twincam engine which I had in my '65 Lotus 7 but as that is now ""back to original" I am looking to install it (or parts of it) into another car. As you may know it is quite common to use a block like yours bored out to 1700cc and then use the twincam head etc!!! - oh wow with steel crank etc etc your car would be up to yet another level!!

Sorry I am getting carried away a bit here!!  If you are going to keep yours then great, maybe we can have a Sprint together when I get mine built - any advice would be very much appreciated.

I have taken out a temporary membership so that I can contact you, but will no doubt extend that to full membership to tap your and other  brains to help me with my build/purchase etc.

All the best,



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Hello Bob, I have sent you a PM

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If you are reconsidering my interest also still stands. 

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PM sent Jon

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Car is now sold, thank you all for the interest.

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  • Ian Kinder (Bagpuss) - Joint Peak District AO changed the title to SOLD - Westfield Eleven - SOLD
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