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Now the Westfield is complete IVA'd and on the road I can't justify (afford) two 7's, so the time has come to sell the Caterham.  I assembled it back in 2016 / 2017.   Paid Caterham to check it out pre IVA and it passed first time.   Been great fun to drive, pin sharp steering and lots of fun on damp roundabouts.   Now I have a Westy I am hooked on the idea of upgrades, so the Caterham will be funding that bad habit.


It is a 160 S so you probably know the spec includes.


Suzuki 660cc Turbo engine.   80 BHP so at about 500 Kg Caterham call it 160 BHP / Ton.

Firecracker yellow with black accessories.  Best colour combo in my opinion.

It is the narrow body standard floor, so if you are over 6 foot with size 12 feet you will struggle to fit.  

Fixed ARB at front

Non adjustable coilover Bilsteins all round

Live rear axle

Narrow steel wheels 

Disks up front, drums at the rear, non servo brakes.


Wet weather gear, including doors and a rag top that works.

4 point harness

Roll bar


Heated windscreen

12v socket

5500 miles or so

Good condition, a bit of 7 acne low down on rear wheel arches as you would expect.

MOT due 04-June-2021


Just serviced it.  So new oil, new oil filter, new air filter, drain and fill coolant, replaced DOT 4 brake fluid.  No problems starts first time on the button.


Now the price, tricky, at the moment it is the only one for sale as far as I can tell in the UK.   In Japan (where most of these end up) I believe this spec sells for £25k to £30K, the Sprint and Super Sprint Gentleman racers of similar age ( same car just a lot of leather and retro style) go for about £28K upwards.   So I am looking for £19,750 as it was a kit build and is not weighed down with leather and fancy paintwork.


Me and the car are based in Brixham Devon, I can provide a lot of pictures if required.  contact via the forum or markc797@gmail.com









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Mighty Mart

Lovely mate - good luck with the sale.


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Thanks.  Baffled as to where they all are, I have never met another.   You never see them for sale but given only 92 with the 660 engine registered with DVLA of which half must be the fancy Sprint and Super Sprint, I guess they just aren't that common, shame as service parts are cheap and easy to get from Suzuki dealerships.


A few more pics 









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My mate has had one for about 3 years, he loves it, been touring but no track days, he put stickier rubber on because he thought the grip was atrocious, I call it lack of skill. 


I tested one a few years ago and fell in love, it's a fun car and brings a smile.


I've actually been on the look out for one for a few years, I won't say where but there is one for sale at the mo' which is tempting, although it isn't an S so misses out on the starter button, but it has lowered floor which is nice.


Please don't take my ramblings as anything against yours. it's a lovely car.



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The lack of grip is the best bit, damp roundabouts are great fun, just need to make sure your the only person on the roundabout when you go for it.

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