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Red top Narrow Body 223bhp (SOLD)

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Flying Tango

FOR SALE due to ill health.

SEI (Narrow) Redtop 223bhp (early c20xe with Coscast head). Based near Preston, Lancs.

It's a car which is known to the group a little from its track days.

From memory (I can't access the build folder at the moment).

Built 1997
It's has high lift cams
Lightweight steel flywheel
GSX 1000 throttle bodies
OBP floor mounted pedal box (I'm 6ft 1 and this box let me move the pedals away so my knees don't touch the steering wheel now). Front and rear brakes are split and run through two slaves. There's a balance bar so you can move more or less braking to the front or rear. I think it's about 50/50 at the moment.
Westfield LSD
Cortina front uprights/brakes etc
Rear seirra drums
RAC roll bar.
Windscreen and deflectors
Can't remember the electronic control system
All in one motorbike dash readout for speed, revs, temp etc.
It's dry sumped and I've fitted an ignition cut of switch that can be used once the engine is running - if oil pressure drops a lot, the ignition cuts out to save the engine (it can be overridden immediately though with a switch if you really need the engine running). 
Crank has been reground and there's a spare too. It has sputter bearings and ARP equivalent bolts on the mains.
Flywheel has ARP bolts too.
15" wheels and brand new tyres (30 miles maybe). 
Quick release steering wheel
Type 9 box with quick shift
Rolling road printout 223bhp, 0-60 in about 3.5 secs I think.

It was missing a bonnet when I got it and needed some repairs to gel coat which I did a couple of years ago along with a respray in Porsche Riviera Blue.
It has a home made lockable boot.
There is a tonneau but it needs work to make it fit for the cockpit and boot.

I'm thinking she should be worth £9k ish

Happy for offers initially.










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Car has sold
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Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

Sorry to hear of your ill health. This is a car with a lot of history in the club, for as long as I've been a member!


Good luck with the sale.

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