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WESTFILEN Seven Pre lit - tyres replacement


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Hello guys,

I'm french, 43 years old married and 5 children. I bought 2 month ago a WESTFIELD seven pre-lit of 1987.

Because of the weather, I drove not a lot up to now but I have noted that my tyres are too old (GOODYEAR NCT70 with DOT code "059"). So I would like to change it but I'm not sure how to get up the car and where position the jack.

Can you help me saying or showing me with pictures how to make ?


In terms of new tyres, I saw Uniroyal RainExpert 3 because of the price.

If you have a better proposal, I'm open.


Thanks by advance for your help.




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Hi JPH. Do a search for "jacking points" including the quotes ("") and you will find what you're looking for.


I use Toyo R1R tyres on my 15 inch wheels as I prefer the semi-slick treads


Here's where I jack mine from, ok to use diff at rear;






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thanks a lot CraigHew. You're absolutely right, I just found a topic about jacking points with explanation and pictures.

I assume that I have to lift up front in first because handbrake or gear just block rear wheels.


Stuart, in my syze, 185/70R13, I do not find MICHELIN PS3.

The other solution would be the R888 semi slick in 185/60/13 but more expensive and the car will be lower. As I think I will make only road, 

I'm not sure it's the best solution.

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8 minutes ago, jph said:


I think you can get the rain experts in that size - correct @AdamR?


oh - and welcome!

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Welcome jph!


Yes, I am pretty sure they come in that size. Any good quality road tyre should work nicely.

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