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NOW SOLD. Westfield SEW Zetec For Sale. Roadgoing/MSA-Loogbook + Covered Trailer

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So. After 10 years of owning several flavours of kit cars and almost 20 having track cars, I need a break.


The car is a Roadgoing westfield SEW really fun to drive on the road or on the track.

MSA speed passport issued 2 years ago. Fully compilant for sprinting.


-Blueprinted 1800 Stanwood Race engines. 201Hp @ 8000RPM. (for 525Kg)

-Jenvey ITB and DTA ecu. Mapped @ EFI cars.

-Custom full cooling system. Rapid warm up and keeps the temperatures down even in august.

-Rocket Straight Cut 4 gears Gearbox. This is the best bit of the car. Matches perfectly the engine, is light and precise. Top speed 127MPH. 

-Rosejoined Protech single adjustable. 250/130 springs.

-Willwood 4pot Calipers in the 4 corners with brake bias.

-Cat motorsport Front Wide track.

-Custom made front fully adjustable Antiroll bar.

-Full MSA/FIA Cage.

-Quife ATB rear diferential on a live axle.

-Two sets of wheels. One with road tyres (on the pictures) and a Set of Team Dynamics with Nankan A1R Almost new.

-Various bits of carbon in the interior, Brand new JK seat for the driver, Tillet "karting" style for the passenger. I have another full shell seat you could have with the car.

-Enoug Spare Body panels to build another car.


I have owned this car for the last 3 years, owned by AdamR before. Its been used on track and on the road quite often. She has never given us an early retirement due break-down and its been mantained with no expense spared.

Its currently been fully serviced *Gearbox oil, diff, engine, brake fluid and coolant* all has 0 miles since.


Tha car will be the most fun to drive on a trackday with road tyres and will break Target times on a sprinting season with the correct driver. The car held several records with Adam driving till last year that the system was changed.






Price including the two sets of wheels and the spares. £11.500 . Insured on agreed value of £14k.


Currently on 7.800 something miles will keep raising while Is in my ownership.


Available on separate negotiation there is an Ifor williams ct 115 covered trailer tailor made for the car and won't be sold untill the car is gone.









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Brilliant car this - even faster / better than the spec list suggests. One of those cars where you buy it to enjoy, rather than to spend a few years (and a lot of money!) making it reliable! As much as I don't really want to say this... good luck with the sale Maurici :t-up:

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Rush Motorsport

I blame Lionel! 


I like the steering wheel pre warmer for those cold track days. Good luck with the sale Maurici!

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Dave (OnliestSmeg) -  Manchester AO
9 minutes ago, Steve (sdh2903) said:

Does this mean your buying the lobster now? :d

Historical evidence would suggest such a future happening! 😁

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Im affraid there is no plans for the near future...

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  • maurici changed the title to NOW SOLD. Westfield SEW Zetec For Sale. Roadgoing/MSA-Loogbook + Covered Trailer
Rush Motorsport
5 minutes ago, Michael Whitworth said:

WOW! That didn't take long.

Viva espana!

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On 08/12/2020 at 22:11, Rush Motorspork said:

Viva espana!

Indeed... car is going to be loaded in a transporter on the 18th :(... it will go to spain.

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