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Ben Viollet

Westfield SEiW - Red Top - 45 DCOEs - SOLD

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Ben Viollet

Hi Everyone, one of those "with a heavy heart" emails.


Thanks to a back that's not getting better, a house purchase (including double garage.....thanks Covid...) and just generally not having enough time I had decided to sell my very wonderful black Wide Body. 


Car spec and history, from the very large file:


  • Kit purchased back in 2003, all the Westfield invoices are present
  • A very slow build....
  • Then documentation from Anderson Racing Engines from 2013
  • DVLA paperwork to the builder (dated 2017) asking/confirming chassis details and certificate of newness (it's on a 17 plate...)
  • Twin DCOEs
  • Nodiz for ignition
  • Tuned in 2019 - with 166bhp
  • Red top with all the lovely torque
  • Sierra 5 speed gearbox
  • Unmarked Compotive wheels and near-new tyres
  • And 1200 miles on the odometer


Things that let it down - but many would want to do to suit themselves:


  • The interior had red carpets and Blue Peter StickBackPlastic (admit, you laughed if you are a certain age....) on the tunnel sides, it had been put on with carpet adhesive (that didn't work) - so I ripped it all out - it's very aluminium in there...
  • Two very slim GRP seats - I am 6 5 and my son 6 1 - I sold the very nice factory seats on here - as I needed to be all the way down and aaaaaallll the way back - budget to get these fitted where you want them - or bolt up your favourite comfy seats if you have the clearance


That's it. (takes LARGE glug of beer) - she's got to go. Been a hoot - but she needs to be used more and see more miles this summer.


Factor in a trailer home unless you are 6 5 and match my leg length. Based just south of Stratford Upon Avon and very happy to talk/WhatsApp/Video as needed during these wonderful times. 


Please don't make me put it on eBay - she deserves a home with a Club Member who knows exactly what they are buying.


17 plate, 1200 miles, powder coated chassis, fully refurbed Red Top, electronic ignition, nice wheels and tyres, no rot.....go on, you know you want to.


I am asking a very reasonable £9500.





IMG_0744 (1).jpg
















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