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Unusual roll bar...

Paul T

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Does anyone have any experience with this type of rollbar?


It’s been advertised as an MSA rollbar but it is slightly different to the ones I’ve seen previously.


The three differnences I can see are:


1. The vertical sides (playskool’s ones are slightly tapered I believe)


2. It has a rear brace above the tank (assume would clash with the LR tank)


3. The rear chassis mounts are fixed rather than a sliding joint or rose joint.


Can anyone offer any advice?


I’ve been trying to get a playskool one but no joy and this has come up locally.







@Luke Algar maybe this is an old one of yours?

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That looks like one of the BMS rollbars, the additional brace doesn't work with the long range tank from memory and the fixed rear chassis postions lined up on chassis and not on others, it was pure pot luck we found.

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Thanks Luke, what’s BMS? Is it likely still good quality drawn steel etc do you think?


Im thinking I’d chop out the brace and rear mounts, then put a sliding joint in like your modern ones.


just found an old post from @Howard...maybe you old bar?




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Don't know if it's a trick of the light but the one in your picture looks to me more like one of the later ones where the sides go out at an angle from the mounting plate before going up. Mine was vertical straight out the plate.


The early one like mine, and the later ones were all good quality with properly specced tube and well made by BMS.


Mine fitted my wide bodied live axle car very well but I did have to make up a pair of 6mm aluminium plates to sit under the forward mounting plates to raise the bar so the rear mounts would line up. 

Might be a consideration on your installation but of course wouldn't work if the misalignment was the other way round. 





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That's exactly the bar I have got, I bought it secondhand and was advertised as a RAC bar. Fitted my FW circa 2010 with no alterations and the cross bar misses my small fuel tank by 80mm, not got a clue about tube strength, though it does look decently made.

Additionally IVA commented on fuel tank protection.

Biggest drawback is that fitting boot box would be a complete waste of time but no big deal as store other essentials round the bar.


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In hindsight I wish that I had redesigned the crossbar as a u shape to mimic the curve of the rear body panel, would have been so much better and added light shunt protection to the rear together with ability to remove tank etc.. Admittedly those able to keep up would cause a bit more damage than a bar could cope with lol. Will need major rebuild to change now☹️

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