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  1. Howard

    Honda fireblade engine

    Must Resist
  2. Howard

    Pair Nitron shock absorbers. - SOLD

    Can I take these please? PM sent
  3. Howard

    2019 Speed Series Registration

    Eek. Looks like I'll have to put the dog box back in after all. Or maybe keep the synchro - then I'll have something to blame
  4. Howard

    2019 Speed Series Registration

    I'll probably end up back in D, but I will be on 1b's. Be interesting to see how they compare against the 4 and 5 year old badly kept ZZR's I was running last year
  5. Howard

    2019 Speed Series Registration

    I have to say I'm even more uncertain now about which class to enter, hence my delay. Having done the last 5 events with a synchro box, and planning to switch to 1B's this year because I was tired of being lumped in with mod prod/slicks on the day, I was still intending to run in class D as it seemed unsporting to change to class B. This, despite my car being more aligned to class B. For the last 6 years I've also run high-backed GRP seats and belts on both sides and will continue to do so. (Apart from that one experiment at the last round at Anglesey of following most others and swapping the passenger seat for a sponge/curtain/rug low back affair). However, I see that those running on 1Cs (ZZRs) in D will now benefit from the added advantage of being allowed to remove the passenger seat and belts completely. I understand the reasoning behind that, but surely it's moving D even further away from road going. It certainly creates more of a disincentive to me to enter class D, which I've stayed true to for many years.
  6. Now, now. It was a pair of curtains, a rug, and a vinyl covered tablecloth and was more substantial (and comfortable) than many others I've seen, and sat in, in the same or equivalent classes over the years.
  7. Howard

    The Lobster (88 SE Rebuild)

    The experts will tell you that you should use 98% Argon/2%CO2, so that's what I would advocate. However, I got on perfectly well with pure Argon.
  8. Howard

    The Lobster (88 SE Rebuild)

    Hmm. I must be doing something wrong. Always seem to get better results with stainless...
  9. Thank you Mark, and everyone involved. I know it's difficult keeping everyone happy, so your efforts really are very much appreciated. It's kind of ironic that I had my most successful year this year, and only did one hill - Gurston - and that was my worst score, as I've previously preferred hills. I'm not planning on chasing the championship next year (I say that now ) so I'm looking to do events I've not done for a long time, or have never visited, rather than going after points. Looking forward to it
  10. Howard

    (SOLD) Carbon and foam boot panel

    Yes please!
  11. Howard

    Peak District Sun 21st October

    Thank you Julie, and indeed everyone, for a great day out. And thank you for showing me some new parts of the Peak District - I'm sure there are plenty more still to be discovered. Great write-up too.
  12. Howard

    Peak District Sun 21st October

    Aw, give over Just fancy a trip into the Peaks with some like-minded individuals. Been meaning to tag along for a while now. See you tomorrow.
  13. Howard

    Peak District Sun 21st October

    Mind if I join you?
  14. Howard

    Aeroscreen? Should you wear a crash helmet?

    I wear Wiley X SG-1 goggles on the road as I like the wind in what's left of my hair. I think I'd find my full-face helmet would be too claustrophobic in traffic in a car. Never had that problem on motorbikes though. I guess being strapped into a car limits your movement. I have been thinking about an open face helmet with a visor though. That would give facial protection, be less claustrophobic and help reduce wind noise. Always meant to get some custom made ear plugs but not got around to it. On the bird-strike stories - years ago on my Moto Guzzi I was riding past some hedges close to the road at, shall we say, a good rate when a blackbird flew out. I ducked but it was too late and the bird hit me square in the face. I was wearing an open face helmet and goggles instead of my usual full-face helmet, and the impact felt like a cricket ball fresh off the bat. Blood and guts all down the front of my jacket and across my face. Didn't stop as I was late for meeting up with friends but I found out later it had split my nostril. And that was just a blackbird. A pheasant or buzzard doesn't bear thinking about. Edit to add- it also loosened two teeth, so my not wearing a helmet is probably flying in the face of experience

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