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  1. Howard

    ( SOLD ) PROTECH Rose Jointed Shocks

    Damn. How did I miss that
  2. Howard

    Silverstone 03/06/18

    I'm going. Entry accepted.
  3. Howard

    C20xe polo rad install

    On the subject of pipe clips, if you go for the snazzy Mikalor type instead of jubilee clips check the outside diameter of every hose carefully. I replaced a lot of my hoses of random origin last year with nice new silcone hoses from ASH to complement some Samco hoses I already had. Thought I'd get new Mikalor clamps to replace the variety of jubilee clips at the same time. I'd read that they clamped up better than jubilees on silicone hoses. I then found that the ASH hoses had a thinner wall than the Samco and most of the clamps wouldn't fit properly. Ended up sending the clips back and reverting to jubilee clips after seeing that practically everyone else in the paddock had jubilees on their silcone hoses.
  4. Interested in the Tacho if it's still available.
  5. Howard

    Gurston Down attendance

    I thinks that's true for the drop in numbers.
  6. Howard

    Gurston Down attendance

    Clearly something is up with the Speed Series attendance at certain hills. The events themselves seem to be well attended - Gurston was full, so other people clearly enjoy them. It's a puzzle why there's been a drop off from the Speed Series. There were 22 of us at Gurston in 2010. I had a couple of years off competing in 2015/2016 so that didn't help the attendance at Wiscombe, Barbon and Llys y Fran, but it's not all about me :-)
  7. Howard

    Gurston Down attendance

    Agreed. in 2008 we had 102 entrants and 22 events. This year we have 54 entrants and 37 events.
  8. Howard

    Gurston Down attendance

    Yes, but what a 35 secs! I made a three and a half hour drive to go there, followed by a 4 hour drive the same day to go to Hethel for the next day, followed by a three hour drive home. It's worth that much to me. Some of us like hills and their unique character. It's not all about seat time. I know I said I might start considering circuits more after bending my car at Wiscombe but they still have a special place in my heart and I'm bitterly disappointed about the loss of Barbon, Wiscombe and Llys Y Fran from our calendar. Let's not lose Gurston as well. If the trend continues I may well have to consider other championships instead of the Speed Series.
  9. Howard


    At Gurston I was there with my £2.50. They said they were noting everyone who needed one and would come back after scrutineering. Never saw them again. One of the guys in my group who already had a sticker found his had fallen off while getting ready. Thankfully it was still in the bag but it's a heads-up to make sure it's properly adhered. If it goes missing out on track you'll no doubt have to repeat the process and the £2.50.
  10. Howard

    Tel's Tales Anglesey 7th and 8th April 2018

    Steve, I'll be at Gurston if you want to come and have a chat. Don't know what number I'll be running yet. Howard Gaskin
  11. Howard

    Ford 4.1 cwp diff and casing

    Hi Chris, I'd like to take this. Can probably collect. Will PM to discuss.
  12. Howard

    Sad day for me

    Sorry to see that Ian. Can't have been easy. Hopefully we'll still see you around - marshalling and the like.
  13. Anybody got a Mk2 Escort steering rack to sell? Any ratio will do, as I've got 2.4 internals to fit. Needs to be the original Ford type with the two plates for the input shaft, rather than the big hex nut. Ultimately, it's the outer casing I need. Mines bent. Regards Howard

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