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Tyres for the winter/wets

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Ian Kinder (Bagpuss) - Joint Peak District AO

I'm equally impressed with my first 106 miles on my PS3's. Started out at circa 9:00am today at around zero degrees and it's wasn't any higher than 4-5 degrees today.


No drama, squealing or spinning off the road backwards. Yes in 1st and 2nd you can easily light them up (Even with the tiny torque of the S2000). 


Ride quality is good.


No understeer and they've coped with dirty, slimy roads today. I've not had a suitable quiet roundabout to push on until they break free(3rd is good for this), but will try at some point and report back.





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Kit Car Electronics

I was happy enough on R888R yesterday at around 0 deg on frosty lanes, driving very gently though. 

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