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Sammy Nummy

281.thumb.JPG.48c103fbda1ea53a488a9348b43a3622.JPG259.thumb.JPG.7880098ee27d193035a77a2ba23015ea.JPG261.thumb.JPG.6bfee7e6702d2725a9f1e7adfcc9327c.JPG262.thumb.JPG.4a310100419303dccb463c0aeffaa286.JPG264.thumb.JPG.de0559f50853df78449604d53cb813c4.JPG260.thumb.JPG.7ed89527054a72e3a64cf7ec92f63960.JPG267.thumb.JPG.f5f6ebf263fbaf56eb31c807a7676b54.JPG269.thumb.JPG.e069bac74de37b23dc5ea3446f4135ca.JPG271.thumb.JPG.5cc2808a76d6d8775710229b5981548b.JPG272.thumb.JPG.65bba4c01d901236e36a55081a4e5b78.JPGReluctantly, i am selling my Megabusa car. I have owned it for two years now and have put less than 200 miles on it in this time. 

I have had two lower back spinal surgeries and i have been informed that i need another soon, so the car has to go. 

I am looking for £16500 for it. I am based in Northern Ireland. You can contact me at, sammynummy@hotmail.co.uk or on 07843384133.

I bought the car in June 2017 after spending a year trolling different websites looking for a really nice one and i eventually found it. 

I have not done any work with it, but i am listing the last two owners work.


The last owner only had it over a winter period and this is what he did to it,

Body panels fixed and painted in katsura orange £1300

Two brand new carbon B6 Tillett seats fitted £1050

Brand new Willan Silverstone 6 point Harness  £370

Brand new Carbon splitter £160

Brand new Carbon tunnel cover £90

Brand new Carbon roll bar bolt covers £60

Brand new Carbon rear diffuser £220

Brand new Carbon boot lid £120

Two sets of black aerocatches £110

Roll cage sand blasted and painted in satin black with new caged sticker £220

Side panels wrapped in satin black £150

3D printed brackets £120

Service £ 300

Body repairs £300

Carbon flared extension panels fitted


Car is in excellent condition and i also have a tailored cover which is completely waterproof which is kept on whilst indoors to keep dust off etc.


And here is the advertisement from the previous year,

"Since i have owned the car i have competed in about 6 hill climbs and had great fun doing plenty of road driving at the weekends. The car had never missed a beat. The engine is incredible, a standard Busa engine produces 175bhp and this one is running 185 bhp without any engine mods ( dyno print out to prove ). When i first got the car, i had it serviced with new spark plugs also by Pete at Bike Tech in Padtsow and at the end of the season, i had the engine taken out by David at Richard Bros of Redruth and sent to Karl at extreme engines to check the engine over. The reason for doing this is because i wanted Karl to check the engine over as i was then planning on keeping the car and depending on what Karl said, i was considering taking it up to 1400cc. Karl said a really common problem with the Busa engine is that the 2nd and 6th gear dogs are not undercut and he replaces them all the time but never puts back in the same standard Hayabusa 2nd and 6th gears as he has seen them slip again in as little as 200 miles, so i decided that would be a better area to spend some money as Karl said that after inspecting the engine, it was in great condition ( Karl would be happy to verify this 1`m sure ) and power was never an issue anyway. He also blanked off the exhaust gas recirculation as its a waste of time having it on there. David Rochards of Richard Bros. who removed the engine, bled the whole system dry and cleaned it thoroughly, put in new oil, changed the oil filter and changed the clutch fluid. Richard Bros. got the Busa on the rolling road to run through the gears and check they were all working nicely which they were, whilst on the rollers, David did a power run where the car produced 185 bhp. The car is running so sweet since then, its amazing. The work carried out by Extreme engines and Richard Bros came to £ 1500. I also had all of the rear 6 rose joints upgraded to the NMB military grade ones by Toniq Sports Cars as i was told they are indestructible and didn`t think much of the Westfield ones. After that, i had a Geo set up by Hatton Motorsport. The car had 4 brand new road legal R 888`s filled ( SG Compound ). There is loads of documentation / receipts for the car, literally every receipt since birth including all listed above.


2007 Westfield Megabusa SEIW 5-6k done since built

Standard 1300cc Hayabusa engine ( new oil, filter, plugs, coils ) dyno print out done with a strong 185bhp

Power commander 3r

Westfield dry sump ( new belt and tensioner fitted this year )

Carbon air box

Westfield reverse box

Westfield alloy hubs all round

Ap racing mc, wilwood 4pots at front 265mm new discs, Sierra rear calipers with mintex 1144 pads

Full Caged cage

Ab performance gearchange paddles using rods and a flatshifter pro for clutchless up and down shifts (new this year)

Freelander 3.21 Quaife LSD

Westfield Wide track front end

Suspension all nylon bushed

Protech shocks all round, built / tested by Procomp (new this year)

Playskool ARBs front and rear

Carbon double bubble aeroscreen

Carbon dash

Carbon pedal cover

Carbon csr cycle wings

Carbon sill protectors

Carbon moulded rear arch protectors

Carbon winglets

Caterham style front indicators

3" 6 point loghtweight alloy Willans Silverstone passenger harness

Brand new Dash 2 complete with DL1 logger fitted this year

Dash uses full set of savage switches, with push button indicators using backoff module

7" x 13" 3 piece Image wheels with basically new soft R888 tyres ( 205/60/13 all round )

Carbon silencer new this year ( also included standard Westfield stainless version with cat for MOT`s

Omp 300mm suede steering wheel on extended and quick release steering column

Lithium battery

FIA cutt off switch on dash

Softbits Tonneau cover (new this year)


Full year`s M.O.T. received yesterday, Sun 18-08-2019






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Chris King - Webmaster

What a lovely looking and well specc’d car! 😍

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Chris King - Webmaster
1 hour ago, Hanuman said:

still avaiable?

Sammy is no longer a member so can’t reply. 

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