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Weather gear for narrow body


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I' m looking for a complete set with hood and sidescreens for a narrow body Westie. Single Parts are also welcome.

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@Duc3003 I have also been looking for these parts for a while now and they are like rocking horse poo to get hold of.


I have resulted to making my own hood, of which I am just at the template stage. If it is of any interest to you I can let you know how I get on? I have attached a couple of pics of the current progress (please ignorethe template colour, it is a old bed sheet :laugh:). Things are still rough around the edges but that will be sorted out soon enough.




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Rusty Nuts

Hello Karl,

I have had a look and could only find the hood I don't know where the side screens are or even if i still have any, if you still need the hood please let me know and if you give me an email address i can send some pics over to you.


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Hallo Rusty,

sorry for my late response, but your answer was not displayed in my account.

I got already an offer for a complete set, which is preferred from my side, but not sure to get it finalized.

Therfore I‘m still interested. It would be great, if you could send some pics to my E-Mail: kast301153@aol.com.



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