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Jon Parker

2017 Westfield FW for sale **SOLD**

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Due to personal circumstances I am having to sell my Westfield with red FW bodywork.

The car was bought in modular form from Westfield starting in Autumn 2013 with the build finished in December 2017.

IVA passed first time in December 2017 and registered in January 2018.

1990 miles completed with no problems in 2018.


2.0 L Zetec  blacktop engine with Raceline sump

Omex ECU

Jenvey throttle bodies

Type 9 gearbox

Wide track front suspension

Team Dynamics wheels with Toyo R1R tyres

Carbon effect cycle wings

Carbon effect rear stone guards

Carbon effect rear diffuser

Carbon NV indicator pods

Carbon NV roll bar bolt covers

Westfield Sport Turbo seats

MSA rollbar

4 inch Dominator headlights

Soft Bits for Sevens tunnel bag

Westfield doors and wind deflectors.

Heated windscreen but no heater

The standard FW spats, headlights and indicator pods have been removed and replaced with Dominator headlights and Carbon NV indicator pods. I have a pot of red gelcoat which I was going to repair the holes in the bodywork with but I will leave these open in case new owner wishes to revert.

I would like the car to go to someone on the forum who will continue to develop it and hopefully I can follow its journey.

All receipts have been kept

Asking price £14750 but open to sensible offers.IMG_0778.thumb.jpeg.75d16a2150e9099a1e4c1029ecc9627e.jpegIMG_0779.thumb.jpeg.e25c548c5e75dd0a970d6b9e4d7e3c6f.jpegIMG_0780.thumb.jpeg.f0d57ae1741f8115eff1c15cbc2de6dc.jpegIMG_0781.thumb.jpeg.c9f1825fe947755f82112d11932e4a56.jpegIMG_0782.thumb.jpeg.093f5d7e5d977d3dee47781661e47f88.jpegIMG_0783.thumb.jpeg.35a058fcf130630eab7486259132a9c2.jpegIMG_0784.thumb.jpeg.66b54536a43019c4b2d64fe830406a94.jpegIMG_0787.thumb.jpeg.085ec45238f8b0c770e7e2b63878408d.jpegIMG_0788.thumb.jpeg.e861c8eb22634364893676d0ec7d5c00.jpegIMG_0789.thumb.jpeg.1c89ebb7f24156c01e9cc48d95b030f3.jpegIMG_0790.thumb.jpeg.fb42b5383358371a5cf27bc095a13c03.jpegIMG_0791.thumb.jpeg.f7a53346607c2ef540f2936f1cd23839.jpegIMG_0792.thumb.jpeg.9d7faabe0960686775c148ad7a88f453.jpegIMG_0794.thumb.jpeg.4153b4af77cad16c1d7f15c6958021a1.jpegIMG_0795.thumb.jpeg.3dee2fea919cacad2aab97e7aa7aa902.jpegIMG_0796.thumb.jpeg.50b486c8d38699aba07c3b278d03f71b.jpegIMG_0797.thumb.jpeg.f999ac5d9229f72fd98efe58fae3bdeb.jpeg

IMG_0293.thumb.jpeg.9c5ff68a46534c0fd96191aaaaad4f1d.jpegPlease PM me with any questions.

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Nice well built and spec'd car. Good luck with the sale.

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Waved the car off with a tear in my eye but it has gone to a great new home with @DanAth.

Great to meet you Dan and your Dad today.

Happy Westfielding.

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