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*SOLD* Team Dymamic Pro Race 1.2 Black Gloss 13 x 7J ET15 with R888 Toyos


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Hello All, 

I am looking to pass on my spare set of 4no. Team Dynamic Pro Race 1.2 Black Gloss Wheels that currently have R888's on them (SG for front and GG for rear) but they're on the road wear markers and so are suitable for track only (that's the only place I have used them).  

13" x 7  ET15 (I think, they're not stamped on the back but they fit my Sei with 205 R888's I'd be happy to take measurements if needed)

Standard Ford 4 x 108 stud pattern

The wheels are in great condition other than marks from the wheel nut removal and fitting. I can get detailed photos if there is interest

Looking for £350 for the set collected from Essex

Many thanks

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I have these on FB and someone helpfully asked me to check these weren't 7" wide which of course they are and so details updated :durr:

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