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the 2019 seat rule clarification


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For roadgoing classes in particular.

Coming from two dispersed topics, on the main Speed series forum, rather than throw there my rants, I think it does need official clariffication. I appears that how I read it, and how Terry has told me to interpret it, are galaxys appart... so here my views:


3.2.4 Cars competing in classes A and B (only list 1A and 1B tyres) are permitted) as well as classes C, D, E, F cars that are using list 1A and 1B tyres (and therefore eligible for road going classes) must have a drivers and passenger seat fitted including seat belts. The seats must be factory supplied or custom GRP units.


That limits anyroadgoing car, on having Westfields OEM seats or GRP. Glassfiber reinforced plastic. NO carbon, No kevlar, no vintage tubular styles no custom made foam seats... It is very descriptive. OEM suplied and Glassfiber.

Then, makes some sort of excepcion regarding the PASSANGER seat, and only the passenger that says:

Where alternative passenger seats have been fabricated they must have a rigid base & back and be adequately trimmed and padded such that a passenger would not experience any direct contact pressure on the vehicle floor or rear bulkhead. 

But no excepcion in drivers seat.

Then Terry in one of the threads have said that GRP includes carbon, foam trimmed seats or any other propper complete seat.

I disagree in the interpretation (not in what terry would like it to say, but in what actually says)

As is a matter of sensitivity for me, and I haven't got an straight answer despite I've tried it a couple of times, here is THE QUESTION:#

Will I be allowed in roadgoing with a foam seat (a custom made one, not a layer of garage flor). If so, I understand that the regulations can't be modified that now are in the MSUK to ve evaluated, but could we clarify here that where it says GRP should say "any kind of full afternmarket seat??"





Yes @Terry Everall - WSCC Competition Secretary i do have points to reply each of your points or interpretations of them... unfortunately this post doesn't allows replies. 

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MAURICI- I am trying to help you sort this out but it would assist  if told us which class you would like to run in and which tyre group you will use. Also exactly what type of drivers seat and passenger seat you will be using. 

A few points to consider are 

1) A foam filled seat is not acceptable for IVA and nor was it for SVA so they would not pass a valid MOT test so would not be road legal. 

2) Is it not the low height of your Roll Over Bar that causes a problem rather than the seat. 

3) If you look at the Blue Book you can find references to seats which should help you understand the situation. Section S10.1.8 States that "front seats may be replaced by fully trimmed Competition seats". This suggests that Foam filled DIY seats are not suitable

4) Blue book Section K2.2.2 states that seat must be attached the supports via 4 mounting points using minimum of M8 diameter bolts and reinforcements integrated into the seats.

If you have any valid points that question these clauses please reply. We are here as an SSOT to get as many people as possible competing but we do need Regulations and to comply with the Blue book to try and ensure a level playing field and conformity as far as we can.



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Send me a PM then

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