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  1. I do have a QS for uplifting but not downshifts. ( CBR1000RR with slipper clutch). You can downshift without a blipper and without the clutch but I prefer to keep my foot on the clutch as I drop down a few gears approaching slow corners and the car is fine and I think it helps the gearbox a bit
  2. John Williams and Marcus Barlow would like to display a couple of Speed Series cars at the events so could people contact them asap if interested
  3. It would be nice to get all the remaining entries in by end of next week so that we can send out the driver packs and T shirts asap Good luck to everyone for the 2019 season See you in the paddock
  4. welcome to the font of all knowledge....cars or anything else
  5. Its also recommended that you solid mount the silencer and do not use rubber mounts
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