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Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

Toyo R1R 205/50 15” tyres, worn.

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Thinking my rear set of tyres were both well below the legal, limit, in fact, bald in the middle, and as I couldn’t get more new in that size, I ordered a set of Nankings to try.

When I came to remove the wheels to take to ATS for the new tyres to be put on, I realised it was actually only one Tyre that was that bad! It’s not exactly road legal, and too far gone even for track day use. But could be used temporarily if it was just on a car in-build, for rolling the  car around.

The other rear tyre has around 4.0 to just under 4.5 mm tread and the two fronts have around 4.5 - 5.0 mm tread, the tyres are however roughly five years old, (by date code). They were dry stored before I bought the wheels they went on, in frost free conditions and protected thoroughly from UV light.

They've been on the car for just shy of three years, they are a little harder now than when brand new.

Selling as a set of four, just cause I need them all out of the way, but consider the fourth, a free gift! ;) 

Make me an offer! Need them either collected, or could take to the Speed Series Awards dinner.

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20 minutes ago, 1960dave said:

Just checking they are 13" diameter

They'll be 15"

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