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Workshop - clean out

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Wide body windscreen with uprights – in alloy with wing mirrors               £ 250.00

Alloy Floor mounted bias pedal box with hyd. clutch with master cylinders           £ 225.00

Alloy front hubs with bearings short studs  £ 80.00

3.9 English LSD compete set up ready to fit. £ 450.00

Westfield Wide body alloy fuel tank – suit carbureted engine ( no return) £110

Westfield alloy fuel tank SEi narrow may fit other chassis £100.00

Ford Crossflow Inlet manifold Polished  – twin 40s £75.00

Ford  Crossflow inlet manifold – twin 50! Or Jenveys  £50.00

Twin 40 Delotros £250.00

Zetec Raceline Inlet manifold – £100 – dry fitted only

Zetec Raceline Water Rail - £140 – dry fitted only

Zetec Raceline Alternator tensioner £50  new

Cortina uprights £75.00

Standard brake discs grooved ( new)  £35.00


PM for photos  Neil 01738 550005


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Hi Neil,

Could I check dimensions of the narrow fuel tank please? Consider it sold if it'll fit!


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