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Now sold C20XE SEIW Fast Trackday, and Roadgoing Sprint Car for sale.

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Westfield SEIW 2.0 C20XE, 256bhp, race winning road legal and reliable car


MSA compliant, track proven, fully road legal Westfield with a 256 bhp fresh built engine, weighing just 580kgs.

Westfield Speed Series (MSA sprint and hillclimb championship) class winning car.


2015 Class winner and 2nd FTD (fastest time of the day) In Blyton MBA Sprint – Driver Adam Read

2016 Class winner in novice and experts in Blyon WSCC sprint Meeting 1 and 2 --- Maurici and Adam double driving

2016 Anglesey Class winner in LDMC Sprint on Saturday, and fifth FTD(Saturday)—Maurici

         Class Record and Class winner in LDMC Sprint on Sunday---Maurici.

2017 Class winner in Westfield Roadgoing class Blyton sprint.


2016 and 2017 WSCC Class 2B winner.


Along this, there is several second places and an amazing record of reliability (never broken down in competition) that can be proven.


Car is freshly rebuilt (fresh engine, most of the bodywork, and a full strip and chassis clean in the last few months). Professionally built and maintained by CleaR Motorsport, the car is fully developed and upgraded to be the best it can be. A true opportunity to buy a ready to win car, that is equally at home on the road and truly the fastest car on trackdays.

1995 SEIW chassis.
- Westfield widetrack front suspension.
- Westfield aluminium front uprights.
- Westfield aluminium rear uprights.
- Westfield aluminium hubs.
- Custom developed CleaR Motorsport front and rear anti-roll bars, will supply all the calculations and chassis setup spreadsheets with the car. Perfectly balanced set up providing confidence alongside class winning times.
- Protech shocks front and rear, valved for the car and balanced in pairs.
- 300lb/in front and 185lb/in rear springs, both 2.25" (wheel rate 1.69Hz front and 1.86Hz rear with 85kg driver). I found these to be a very good compromise - soft enough for the road, stiff enough for track use.
- Front shocks have two bump stops fitted to prevent the sump grounding out on even the nastiest rolling bumps.
- Raceleda R16 (same as Wilwood Dynalite) 4 pot front calipers with Ferodo DS1.11 pads. Pedal force required to lock the wheels is high - in the region of 55kg, which approximately three times that of a normal road car, but the feedback and modulation of the braking system is superb due to this. Heel and toe downshifts are a dream and the pedal positions can be adjusted if necessary.
- Custom made CleaR Motorsport brake cooling ducts.
- Grooved solid 247mm front disks.
- Sierra rear calipers and solid discs, with Apec pads.
- Twin master cylinders with dashboard operated brake bias adjuster, using a custom converted top mount pedal box.
- Reinforced rear diff cage.
- Playskool full lightweight MSA and FIA compliant cage with padding.
- 2.4 quick rack with solid mounts.
Some of the panels have been recently replaced so in new condition. All the panels are fitted so that fast and simple removal is possible. A huge amount of carbon across the car to minimise weight.
- Carbonmods nose cone.
- Carbon mods front wings.
- Mickmade front splitter.
- Mickmade carbon flared arches.
- Mickmade carbon rear wings.

- Carbon mods indicator pods.

- Carbon mods scuttle top

- Polycarbonate sump floor


- JK composites seats with 6 point Schroth harnesses.
- Reverie carbon steering wheel.
- Carbon mods dash.
- Carbon mods aeroscreen.
-Carbon mod tunnel top

-Digidash With Shiftlight and wired to all car systems (lights, indicators, fuel, temperatures, pressure…)

-Low pressure hight intensity LED light.

CleaR Motorsport built Vauxhall C20XE (redtop) engine with Ash Mason head, with less than 500 miles. Continually reliable.

- SBD Jenvey individual throttle bodies

- SBD pistons

- SBD steel rods

- Full SBD dry sump system

- Simpson Race Exhausts full system

- low oil pressure cut off

- exhaust gas temp sender

- K3 ECU

- Ash Mason built head with a pair of 295 SBD cams, solid lifters, and detailed 3 angle cut on valves, porting and matching the inlet and exhaust ports to the current manifolds.


Gearbox and differential:
- BGH Type 9 Heavy duty gearbox

- alloy bellhousing

- 3.92 sierra rear diff with Standard Cosworth LSD


Wheels and tyres:


Currently on Compomotive CXR and Toto R88 supersoft, but a selection of wheels and tyres is available to be negotiated.


Beyond all of the above, there is so much further development work that has gone into this car that it is not possible to list it all here, so a conversation and viewing is highly recommended to fully appreciate the extent of work gone in to create a reliable, fast, class winning car.  Furthermore, a comprehensive spares package is available on separate negotiation.  I can also provide the contact information for CleaR Motorsport who will be happy to support you and the car going forwards.

See below a video to show how the car performs on track.

I am very happy to take any questions you may have and discuss further this truly fantastic car. Test drives are welcome but a significant deposit will be required beforehand.

Contact me to 07492086880


WhatsApp Image 2018-07-25 at 12.11.10.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-25 at 12.07.21.jpeg


WhatsApp Image 2018-05-10 at 10.40.55.jpeg

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Car now sold and gone.

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