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I'm somewhat reluctantly advertising my Westfield for sale. It's the third Westie I've owned, bought from the original builder just over two years ago and only for sale now because I've finally admitted to myself that I just don't have the time to use it enough and that's likely to continue to be the case for the foreseeable future.

It was built by a fairly wealthy retired chap in 2010 who had something of a 'gentleman racer' fantasy with the idea that he'd have a car that he could drive to the track, race and then subsequently drive home. As far as I know that idea remained something of a fantasy throughout his ownership, it never saw a starting line but he did build a really good car. Two years ago I wasn't really looking to buy another Westfield, however a mutual friend of the previous owner and I pointed me towards this car and, once I'd viewed it, I realised it was too well built to miss out on and ended up buying it.

The car is built on a 2010 Aerorace chassis power by a Zetec blacktop that was brand new at build date, the most recent rolling road graph I have shows 232bhp. It's located a few miles north of Bromsgrove, 5 mins from J4 of the M5,

Full Specification

2010 Aerorace chassis with removable rear arches (chassis marginally lighter and stiffer than the road chassis of the same period) fully road legal and the same dimensions as the standard SEIW.
9800 miles
MOT to 19th May 2019
Black bodywork with carbon look front arches, in very good but not unmarked condition.
It’s currently in full road trim with windscreen, wipers, washers, interior carpets etc. In that spec at the last setup session with about 1/2 tank of fuel it weighed exactly 602kg. Clearly if you wanted to there’s some significant weight to be easily lost. I have a lever arch file full to bursting with all the paperwork associated with the car from the original kit order at Westfield onwards.
  • Built in 2010 with new Zetec Blacktop
  • Head ported and polished by CNC heads and matched with their specification cam. Following this link (  http://www.cncheads.co.uk/?p=755  ) takes you to the website the tuner provides on this head and cam combination for more info, extrapolating the power claims CNC make ( 215bhp @ 6400rpm and 247 bhp @ 8200rpm) to the 7500rpm limit on this car fairly accurately supports the claimed power output on this engine.
  • Arrow engineering buckets
  • ARP rod bolts
  • Balanced and polished crank
  • Standard Zetec flywheel machined and lightened by CNC Heads
  • Raceline sump
  • Omex 600 ECU
  • Jenvey throttle bodies
  • Bosch green injectors
  • Simpson Race Exhausts aluminium manifold 4 into 2 into 1 (  http://simpsonraceexhausts.com/manifolds/  )
  • Westfield carbon silencer
  • Bespoke breathers all feeding into aluminium catch tank in the nose cone, although very little oil ever gets blown into the tank.
  • Most importantly lots of time and effort spent mapping the engine. Despite it's relatively high state of tune it starts easily hot or cold, idles nicely and is generally very drivable and tractable with no grumpiness or nasty flat spots. In the interest of longevity the limiter is set at 7500 rpm at which point the power curve is still climbing. It also makes some lovely burbles and pops on the overrun.


  • Aluminium race radiator from Radtec with 60mm core and Aerorace ducting (  http://radtec.co.uk/products/331/Vauxall-Ford-Cosworth.htm  )
  • Custom pipe work and thermostat housing which ensures this car never has the cooling issues some Zetec Westfield suffer from, coolant temp is rock solid in both traffic and in hard use on track


  • Helix fast road clutch
  • Rebuilt Sierra 3.92 LSD, no clunks or play and locks up nicely but not too aggressively. I actually prefer this diff to the ATB I had in a previous car, although it's not quite as tight at slow speeds for 1st gear sillyness that seems to result in it never 'pushing' the car into understeer in faster corners on track. I therefore prefer the way the car drives in comparison to  car with a tighter diff, however it wouldn't be as useful in an autocross type scenario.
  • BGH E8 type 9 gearbox. Ratios and price listed in the following link, this is the strongest and most expensive 'box BGP supply (  http://www.bghgeartech.co.uk/html/5_speed.html  ). The ratios suit the engine very well with a usefully long first and 5th geared to a theoretical max of about 140mph. (Ratios are 2.66/1.75/1.26/1.00/0.86)


  • Standard Aerorace chassis with associated extra bracing in comparison to same era road chassis, this car does not have lowered floors.
  • Protech single adjustable shocks valved and setup by Procomp in Birmingham along with a full geometry setup, car runs with a reasonable amount of negative camber and some toe out at the front which gives a pretty sharp turn it, understeer isn't really something it understands!
  • No anti roll bars currently fitted, however at the rear the brackets are present both on the lower wishbones and above and behind the fuel tank so to fit both front and rear ARB's would simple be a bolt on job after buying from Westfield, Playskool or similar.
  • 13 inch ProRace 1.2 wheels in black with nearly new medium compound Toyo R888R in 205/50/15.
  • Rallydesign Quickrack and sort steering arms fitted. Unlike some of the so called 'quickrack' setups I've seen this gives a real two turns lock to lock with the arches almost touching the tub on both sides on full lock, ie it's a genuine quick rack, not the version Westfield sell which is far from it and gives a terrible turning circle.
  • Westfield alloy uprights both front and rear.
  • Westfield widetrack front wishbones.
  • Braking is a full AP racing setup including master cylinder and front and rear callipers. Fitted with Mintex 1144 pads and a brake bias adjuster.
  • The car (in my opinion) drives beautifully, it's pointy, intuitive and hugely predictable but the setup is still relatively soft which means it's eminently useable as a road car with sensible ground clearance and great compliance while still being blisteringly quick on track. The lack of anti-roll bars is entirely my choice, I bought it with bars fitted but just prefer the way it drives without, I no longer have the antiroll bars for it. As stated above, if your preference is different it's a very easy job to refit appropriate bars from Playskool or similar.

Other Bits

  • Floor mounted Westfield padded race seats with 4 point Westfield harness for passenger and in date FIA 6 point harness for driver.
  • Standard Westfield VDO instrumentation with suede three spoke steering wheel and carpeted interior.
  • FIA approved Caged Roll Cage with homologation sticker.
  • Plumbed in Lifeline fire extinguisher system (the extinguisher is out of date so would need replacing for scrutineering purposes if you ever wanted to race it)
  • Lifeline FIA rain light which is wired to additionally act as fog light for MOT purposes. 
  • FIA approved battery cut off switch (which doubles up as a good security addition.
  • Odyssey lightweight dry cell battery.

I'm sure there's something I've missed but that's hopefully the important stuff. Inevitably the car's not entirely perfect, the only real issue is that inevitably after 8 years and 9800 miles the bodywork is no longer absolutley mint, there's some stone shipping down both the left and right side behind the front wheels. The left rear arch has been covered in clear protective tape and is in good nick underneath that tape, the right rear arch is in less good condition, particularly lower down at the front however I have a brand new right rear arch that can either be fitted pre sale or supplied with the car. There is also a 4 inch square hole in the bodywork on the lower front left side where the Westfield factory exhaust used to emerge from the engine bay before it was changed for the current one; this has been covered with black mesh and is not obvious. Other than that the car has no known faults; I'd always planned to tart it up a bit with a carbon boot cover and carbon dash but, like so much, the job's still on my to do list!

In summary I've had a little bit of experience of various Westfields over the past 6 years and in my opinion this is a very good one. It's got a great spec and, much more importantly, it's been really carefully built by someone who knew what they were doing and had both the time and cash available to do the job properly. I don't have to sell it and know that replacing it with a car of the same standard will be difficult, but it also seem stupid to have it sitting hardly being used.

With that in mind I'm looking for SOLD for the car. In addition and by separate negotiation there's also a set of 15 inch Pro Race 1.2s with part worn T1R tires on them and a Brian James Minno max twin axle trailer available if a buyer is interested.

If you have any questions, queries or just fancy a good old chat about thel please feel free to give me a bell on 07909 696872, if I don't answer I'll get back to you asap.


Thanks for reading,,



















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