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>> SOLD << WOODFORD CAR TRANSPORTER TRAILER Single Axle 1300kg Bed 12'(3.66m) x 5'5"(1.65m)

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Ideal for a Westfield etc
Model LWT-060. Max 1300kg (Gross) / 930kg (Load). (or a tad more if you put the spare wheel in your boot)

TOTAL SIZE - 16' (4.92m) x 7'1" (2.17m)
BED SIZE - 12' (3.66m) x 5'5" (1.65m). 32cm above road. The beds are 40cm wide and 88cm apart.
LONG RAMPS - 6'3" (1.92m) The width apart can be adjusted.
Commercial rated TYRES - new or near new - 155  70  12" (5 studs.)
Complete with 2 adjustable Stabilizing LEGS / Feet,  Jockey Wheel,  Spare Wheel,  Number Plate Holder..
Two (removable) wheel storage poles fitted - for car racing etc - Front one is 1.2m and can store 5 wheels. The bar across the rear is 1.6m and can store up to about 7 wheels &/or spare tyres.
Good quality manufacturer and in good condition - with good brakes, lights etc
The nearside wheel arch has some tape on it and one of the two number plate lights has been knocked and broken by unloading the ramps so I'll be fitting a pair of slimline LED ones this week.
I also took these photos without having cleaned it.!.
I think it's always been stored in a dry garage..
This trailer sells for £2006 plus £116 for the winch option and £108 for the lock. So £2230 with vat. So this represents a good saving.
Collection and Bank Transfer preferred, But I can deliver it in the South, once payment is received, for 40p/round trip miles..  NB I'm 35 minutes from the M25.  Happy to answer any questions..IMG_3252.thumb.jpg.7c27aadbc69e34592516dc347c8408b5.jpgIMG_3249.thumb.jpg.7e39d17472a2c7ddbd78d7f184ce70ad.jpgIMG_3241.thumb.jpg.4619a2a746073dfca912b8d16c5051d3.jpg




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14 minutes ago, RussH said:

Am I missing the price...?

I can't see it either

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Nor can I  ;-)

It's advertised elsewhere for £1650.. But open to offers..

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