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Steve (sdh2903)

2017 westfield sport 250 SOLD.

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A couple of circumstances in my life have changed very recently and as much as it pains me the westfield is up for sale.

For those who don't know the car my build thread is here http://forum.wscc.co.uk/forum/topic/120683-steves-sport-250-build

2017 westfield sport 250. This is not a sport 250 in the factory sense where everything is brand new. I used a starter kit with a low miles engine, gearbox and a refurbished 3.62 LSD. However every other component is brand new. The car has covered 1500 miles since it was registered on the 1st May this year.

Engine and transmission

  • 2014 2.0 ecoboost engine. Bought from a breakers with 9k miles.
  • Ford racing bosch ecu. Ready mapped out of the box. 252 bhp and an 80lbft increase in torque to up over 300lbft.
  • Titan shortened alloy sump and balance shaft delete carried out.
  • Mustang inlet manifold.
  • Westfield 3" exhaust with cat and carbon can.
  • Competition clutch stage 2, nice and controllable not too heavy.
  • Mazda mx5 mk3 5 speed box, bought with 40k on it.
  • New propshaft 
  • Refurbished sierra 3.62 LSD.
  • Coolex rad and intercooler package. Revotec high power fan and controller.
  • Lightweight powervamp gel battery.

Chassis, suspension and steering

  • Same chassis as the mega s2000 with the improvements in rack position and strengthening at the rear. Powder coated satin black.
  • Westfield wide track front.
  • Alloy uprights all round
  • Protech dampers and faulkner springs, dampers anodised black.
  • New 2.4 quick steering rack.
  • Go race upper steering column complete with ball bearing quick release and momo team 280mm wheel.

Wheels and brakes

  • 15" team dynamics pro race 1.2 in gloss black.
  • Brand new toyo R1r tyres only covered 300 miles. 205/50 rears and 195/50 fronts
  • Front brakes 280 mm wilwood midilites with drilled and grooved discs
  • Rear brakes, golf calipers, grooved discs.
  • S2000 handbrake lever.


  • Zk front body with v8 bonnet and FW rear in postoffice red.
  • Front carbon csr wings. One does have a couple of scratches, I also have a brand new set of carbon rounded wings waiting to fit.
  • Carbon rear wing protectors
  • Carbon roll bar mounts
  • Carbon indicator pods
  • 5 3/4 headlights with led headlight bulbs and led side lights. 
  • Msa roll bar with approval stickers.


  • Jk composites grp seats with carbon tops.
  • Black seat pads with red piping.
  • Schroth harnesses with 3" shoulder harnesses and 2" lap belts.
  • AIM MXS strada colour dash display. With customisable displays and shift lights etc.
  • Standard westfield switch set mounted on an abs dash panel. I have a carbon dash panel to go with the car, I had planned to swap it over during winter.
  • Fully carpeted and quilted vinyl tunnel top and outer side panels.
  • Taller sport turbo windscreen and matching sidescreens.
  • Also will come with a pair of poly carb wind deflectors.
  • Fitted with heater and wipers.

There's probably a few things I've missed and will amend as I remember. As above car will come with an extra set of carbon wings and a blank carbon dash, ive also got a set of red grp roll bar covers un cut, spare wiper blades, a couple of spare oil filters and enough fully synthetic oil for an oil change. Probably a few other odds and sods aswell.

The car drives very well and has been mechanically flawless in the first 1500 miles, the only teething issues I've had have been generally of my own making, I was having issues with cooling but this has now been rectified with radiator ducting and the addition of the fan controller, temps are now rock solid.

The car is savagely quick, in any gear it has the torque to just up and go. So you can drive like a loony if you wish or stick it in 4th and 5th and cruise to your hearts content. 

Now the big question. Price. This car will cost you 30k from westfield as a basic no option car or 25k as a basic kit. I sacrificed the new engine,box and diff to keep the rest of the build to a high spec. The only other one ive seen for sale is up for £35000.

now sold

Car is located in Houston renfrewshire, just west of Glasgow airport. Available for any viewings although I am away from 30th August til 16 September with work. test drives will be with me driving.

Loads of pics in my build thread and I'll link to some shortly.





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So sad you are selling, I'm sure many others will be too having lived this build with you.

Good luck, and hope the changes aren't too permanent and you'll be back!


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Cracking car that for the money. I wish I was in a position to buy. 

Scary to think I've got that kinda money in my car aswell........much prefer to own this 1.

I'm sure you'll have no problem selling it.

Good luck

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Firstly I'd like to say thank you for the kind messages I've received. It's been a pleasure being a member of the wscc and sharing my build experience.

Cleaned all the bugs off today and took some up to date pics. Any questions just give me a shout.




short vid of some wooshy noises.



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Few other details I've remembered.

Brake pads are mintex 1144 on the front and standard pagid on the rear.

I've been asked about the clutch and how it's coping after I did mention it had slipped a couple of times during the first couple of runs out. I did contact the clutch manufacturer and was reminded that the particular model requires a break in period of a 1000 miles. And true enough apart from when I've been a bit lead footed bringing the power on before fully engaging the clutch there has been no further slippage (Can happily demonstrate to any prospective buyer:d)

Fuel tank is the newer Fw tank with around 28 ish litre capacity. 

The car is surprisingly economical aswell. Not a massive selling point for a car of this type but a nice bonus. On a spirited run it will generally be 35-38 mpg rising to over 40mpg on a motorway or dual carriageway giving a decent range of over 200 miles in theory. 

Noise levels. Having not done a trackday I can't say for definite but the car was 93db at iva and it certainly seems a lot quieter than my last car which was always borderline at 99.

Confirmed bits I've got to go with the car. I've not done a full rummage yet.

Carbon front wings. Not drilled yet. Have also got a kit of parts including bigheads and carbon cloth, resin etc to fit them with no visible fixings.

Carbon dash blank and uncut.

New pair of led repeaters for above wings.

Perspex wind deflectors complete with hinges if you prefer the raw'er experience

Some spare front wheel bearing bits.

Couple of sets of wiper blades.

The box, manual, laptop lead and software disc for the Aim dash.

Enough fully synth ford oil and filter for a full oil change  (Not needed now but I was going to do over the winter as a matter of course)

A ring binder full of receipts.

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Maybe I listed it too cheap i don't know. But I've made it public what the car owes me and if the car was to go to another member (which it is) I was happy not to make anything and just recoup the cost.

Hopefully the new owner will enjoy the car as much as I did building it and getting it on the road. :t-up:

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On 21/08/2017 at 16:41, Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary said:

Great to know it's going to another member :yes:

Hope they have lots of fun with it.

How much did this sell for?

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