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SOLD - 2007 2.0 Duratec 220bhp + High Spec!

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Hello all,


I am gauging interest with the intent to sell my much loved Westfield Sport with the FW body kit. It’s a 57 plate factory built Westfield which pretty much every factory upgrade on it. My only reason for sale is I dont drive the car enough and my other car is a Golf R which is just quick and a bit more practical, but definitely not as much fun!!

The car has an MOT valid until 20th September 2017, and two new tires were added on 15th Sept 2016 at the mileage of 7302.

The current mileage of the car is 8100 miles.

The engine is a 2.0 litre Ford Duratec has been upgraded and the final components are listed below. The work was carried out by AMS on 13th July 2016 and custom mapped by Track n Road on 28th November 2016 resulting in an impressive 220.3 BHP and 154.6 lb/ft (I have the print out of the dyno chart for proof)

The engine now revs upto 8500rpm and the car tachometer has been changed to a 10k gauge. Additional VDO oil temperature gauge and voltmeter gauges have been added.

Ultimate performance 200 camshafts

Wossner 12.5:1 High Compression Forged Piston

K1 Forged Conrods

ARP Rod bolts


KMS EUGO Controller

KMS Inlet Manifold

KMS Throttle bodies
4-2-1 Exhaust


Additionally the engine has a Raceline low profile wet sump and a Raceline front engine cover in matt black

I have added in a bigger radiator to help keep the engine cool on those summer days, its a full stainless steel 55mm core radiator by Coolmax.

The drivetrain consists of the following components:

5 speed manual gearbox, I think its an MT75 (not 100% sure)

Lightweight Billet flywheel

ARP Flywheel bolts

AP Racing clutch


The other factory upgrades include:

Limited Slip Differential 

Front anti roll bar and the wide track wishbones.

Rear anti roll bar

Heater kit

Contoured dash

ProRace 1.2 wheels with 205/50 R15 tyres. 

Front brakes to 4 pot calipers

Heated front screen

Leather touring seats


The car also has the factory wet weather gear which includes the doors and roof, additionally I have the Perspex side windshields which are great. Also there is a tonneau which has a zip down the middle, and finally I purchased an outdoor full car cover which is a StormForce plus with extra security and fixing straps at a cost of £230..


In the spirit of honesty and to save you time or uncertainty there are a couple of things that need doing on the car that I haven’t got around to do and don’t plan to do before selling, this has been reflected in the price.


The tracking needs doing (Typically costs £50-80)

There is a small crack in the windscreen, however it has passed 2 MOTs like it so not a problem but wanted to call it out.


Based on the spec of the car, the upgrades and the performance, I'm taking into consideration the above I'm looking for £17,000, the car will be available from July but this is open to negotiation.









unnamed (1).jpg

unnamed (2).jpg

unnamed (3).jpg

unnamed (4).jpg

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Just my observations....

  • First off it sounds and looks like a really nice car.
  • You don't mention what gearbox is fitted (unless i'm being a bit think? Quite possible!)
  • You need way more photos from all angles, inside and under the bonnet.
  • Finally i think it's a bit over priced (unless it's got some trick sequential gearbox?)
  • If you are after top £££ for it then get the little jobs you mention sorted, people won't expect to be doing jobs on a car that they are playing big money for.

Finally good luck with the sale & i don't believe the Golf R will be anywhere near as quick as this car ;)

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Thank you for the feedback Bananaman, all good points. I will get some more pictures added.

I'll get the gearbox identified and added too.

I think you are right about the little jobs, i can change the wishbone arm relatively easily and get the tracking done, the gearbox I will look into.

Regarding the price, I am not sure where is a sensible starting point for both parties, I have had a look around and for the performance and spec there isnt anything that comes close at around the 14k mark so took a shot with 17k ... perhaps 16k would be more appealing?

Thank you for your help

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Mighty Mart

GLWTS mate, and love the colour scheme personally. Personally agree with the comment - get the little bits done and the price becomes a lot more appealing IMHO.


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I also have a Westfield and  Golf R (mk6 -stage 1) and you can't really compare the two. Therefore I think you should keep both of them.:)

You'll regret it, you know you will. One lovely sunny day in July and you'll be like 'why did I ever sell the Westfield'.:devil:

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Hehe to are perhaps right noggin, my golf R is 9 months out and already modified giving me 430bhp .. it's rapid .. but yes wind in the hair and raw driving can't be beaten 


thanks mighty Mart you're right, I'm going to work on getting the jobs done ✅ 

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The Cheese

Pm sent 

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