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Newbie needing help - Freelander diff CV joints?

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Having a slight moment with the Westie again..........when taking the drive shaft off to send away for repair to CPS drivelink the outer hub end came off relatively easily but the tripod section of the inner joint which meets the diff was already out due to the top rose joint failing and pulling it out. It is a Quafie Freelander 3.21 LSD which has a tripod inner joint which is in need of repair as 2 of the 3 bearing are damaged but the piece that the tripod joint sits into (sorry I don't know what that part is called?) would not come out of the diff easily and I was worried about forcing it out so I sent the drive shaft off to CPS with the inner tripod joint exposed thinking the would repair that part of the drive shaft and I would clean out the part that the tripod joint sits in which is still in the diff, regrease it and just pop in back in.


  A guy from CPS phoned me today after receiving the drive shaft and said ideally they need the whole thing including the part that the tripod joint sits in which is still in the diff so they can check it all over and make sure the part the tripod joint sits in hasn't been damaged and is in good working order. Plus they reminded me that rebuilding the and checking the whole thing is included in the fixed quotation which also includes regreasing and fitting a new boot so it makes sense to send it all in. I didn't want to force the part that sit in the diff out incase I damage something so....


  My question is; Is there some sort of locking pin or clip or something that needs to be removed so this part comes out or do I just need to force it off with a couple of pry bars? 


Thanks in advance for any help & advice.


  I will just add that CPS drivelink (www.cpsdrivelink.co.uk) quoted me £89.50+vat to repair and test the whole drive shaft with out even seeing it as a fixed quotation with a 3-5 day lead time.


I was really pleased with this  :d

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