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Crossflow Parts

Ray Grilli

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I've got a collection of crossflow parts gathering dust.....

1 off +30thou 711M Block

1 off +90thou 711M Block - Good for oversize rebore

1 set +90thou 1300cc pistons - good cond with new rings

1600cc crank -30thou B/E, -20thou Mains, Excellent condition

1600cc crank -10thou B/E, -10thou Mains, Needs regrind

Brand New -10thou B/E bearings

1600cc +30thou engine less intake system and w/pump. Stg1 head, winged sump, BCF3 cam, lightened flywheel. Needs hone and new rings.

Other crossflow oddsnsods - rocker gear, std sumps, conrods etc etc.........

Make me an offer, or just come and take it away - depending on what it is of course! - I need to get some space back!

Ray Grilli


01926 511324

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