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Sold to James Westfield Toyota Sei

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Deposit taken



After 15 years of ownership I have decided the time has come to try something different . So I would like to sell my car.

It is fully road legal so would be great for either fast road use , trackdays or competition, its not really a show and shine tho.



Westfield Narrow Sei chassis with Westfields own diff casing and drive shafts , which help to keep the weight down, it was about 505kg at last weigh-in. The chassis was completely re-jigged and re-finished by westfield when I rebuilt the car back in 2001/2 and has since been on NMS laser set-up rig where it was spot on

There is a full roll cage to make it safe if you want to venture out on track. You can remove the side impact bar .


The bodywork is smart and in very good condition and has detachable arches , very rare on a narrow! It has an aero screen and also a brand new spare bonnet and nose in case you get carried away !


Engine is the superb Toyota 4age 1600 twin cam , producing approx 160hp. it is fitted with twin 45s, adjustable verniers , Kent cams, Ali Flywheel, Omex ignition,Tony Law manifold, Polo rad, ali catch and expansion tanks. Gearbox is the Ford type E 4 speed. Clutch is an AP H/D plate with Toyota pressure plate.


The key to this car is its superb handling. This is due to the Ash Mason developed anti roll bars fitted front and rear and complimented by Gaz monotube , ali bodied , sperical bearing dampers all round.

The steering is taken care of by a quick rack.


final drive is a LSD with a 4-4 CWP , but I could change this to a 3-9 or 4-1 if prefered


Front brakes are lightweight Hi spec calipers , rears are ali golf calipers


CXR wheels are included with a set of Avon ZZRs and also a set of slicks for the track. Front Hubs are ali.


The interior is sparse and functionable and has a padded Westfied race seat for the driver , however the passenger has to put up with padded squabs, but both have the safety of 4 point 3" harnesses


I will try and put up some photos , bare with me , as a degree in IT is needed to load them on here , I will repeat the ad on the Westfield facebook page where I can easily load pics


Please ring if you want more info , but I will update ad when I think of more spec


I would like offers based on £7500 or maybe a part ex like a Gti or sports caror  similar

thanks for looking

Stu Hill

079 39 266 971

DSCF6243 B

DSCF6257 B


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Ad on Facebook with lots more photos inc engine bay .

Note- the engine is slightly different to the photo now

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Terry Everall - WSCC Competition Secretary

Sorry you are selling up Stu

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