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V8 Seight First Drives - A Few Issues.....


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Hi Stu,

Did you sort your handling out?

I'm local to you and also used New Techniques to set my corner weights a while back..

I set the cambers and toe settings myself then took a drive to Micheldever Tyres to get a nice Geometry print out as a double check - for about £25

Lots of good advice already and it sounds like you've checked most things - I'd have said that your rear toe was pointing out and not slightly inwards (as is essential for straight line stability)..


Fear not: my Seight has over 370 bhp and 415 ftlbs and still 'feels slow' compared to my race GSXR1000 and my manic little Global GT1 but I've had all of them on the same tracks and actually found the Seight to be the quickest of the lot :-)

I recently bought a twin car trailer and took them both to Silverstone..

The Seight was hitting 145mph on Hanger straight and still felt planted..

Indeed a while back I overtook my mate's 911 Turbo (509bhp) at SPA and he said that his speedo was saying 155 at the time!!

Seights are just so effortless and torquey - I took a friend out a while back and he thought that my speedo was reading in Km/hr, LOL.

PS I used to have a 3.5L JE race V8 in a Rover SD1 and that was about 285bhp on a single plenum and 300 on a twin, so you might be lucky :-)

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My first instinct is that the bottom ball joints may be stiff/notchy. I'd test them by hand, they should be smooth as butter. My replacements were about £12.

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