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Wawickshire Area Curborough Track Day 18/09/15

Steven (WE51STE)

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As usual I've booked two days at the Curborough Track, Friday the 15th May and Friday 18th September.
** To save the WSCC from any liability issues I have to let you know that the Curborough Track days ( As for the last 11 years ) have been booked by me ( or the previous Area Organisers ) and are not organised or sanctioned by the Westfield Car Club. **
There will be a £30 Deposit ( Non Refundable ).
The remainder then will be paid on the day depending on the number of people attending:
Attending Max 15 people – £20 to pay on the day
Attending 12 people – £30 to pay on the day
Attending 10 people - £35 to pay on the day
Attending 8 people - £50 to pay on the day
There is a BBQ provided during our lunch and usually a small amount of spicy relish for the braver ones.
I don't make a profit on these events and if there is any money left over it will be given to the Local Hospice Charity.
Warwickshire Area WSCC Members will get 1st Priority
Non-Warwickshire Area WSCC Members will get 2nd Priority
Non-WSCC Members will get 3rd Priority
These are always a great day and a safer way to explore the limits of the car / driver as you are going round the circuit one at a time. 
If you need any more information on Curborough please don't hesitate to get in touch.
Attending - 10 Confirmed With Deposits ( £210 ) - 2 Deposit Pending
1. Steve ( WE51STE ) - £50 Deposit Paid - CASH
2. Nick ( NickPC ) - £30 Deposit Paid - CHEQUE
3. Shindha ( Rusty Nuts ) - £30 Deposit Paid - CASH
4. Shindha Firend ( Rusty Nuts ) - £30 Deposit Paid - CASH
5. Martyn ( MartynV ) - Deposit Pending
6. Justin Lever - £20 Deposit Paid - CASH
7. Justin Lever +1 - £20 Deposit Paid - CASH
8. Blue Ass Fly ( Steve ) - £30 Deposit Paid - Paypal
9. Geoff Hall - Deposit Pending ( Half Day )
10. Andy ( Sycho ) - Deposit Pending
Be safe and see you soon,
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Original post updated with deposits.


Please note our May Track Day was fully booked within a week.


Please reserve you place on this one to avoid disappointment.

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I've updated the first post with the deposits I took during our May Track day.


If I have missed anyone off its purely by accident so let me know if I've made a mistake.

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What time is this event running until. Unfortunately Im at work till 3 (just 10mins down the road). I would love to pop over just to say hi tho (spectate only). Used to visit Curborough a great deal many years ago. Would this be okay?

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Hi Steve,


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you I've been out of the country.


You should have a PM now.


We have a few more spaces available if you would like to extend the invite out to any other people to fill up the day.





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Trust me don't worry about the weather I've booked Dry for tomorrow.


You will enjoy it even if we have a couple of spots here and there.



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