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Help required please!


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Your location shows as Buckinghamshire - if that's where the car is now, then I'm sure there are a few members that would be near enough to visit it and give a "second opinion".


When it was stored, did it have any anti-freeze (of sufficient strength) - even a container is going to get mighty chilly with some of the winters we've had in the last few years and it's possible you've got frost damage that's allowed water to get into the bores (or worse, especially if bored out to 1800cc on a standard 711M block).


Does the clutch disengage? If it does, then a gentle push down the drive in 4th gear and drop the clutch may just jolt the engine enough to free it (especially with plugs out and paraffin in the cylinders).


If "gentle" persuasion doesn't work, one last try (resort) is to tow it down the road and do the same thing !! - it'll either turn something over or lock the wheels - in which case you're looking at an engine rebuild anyway (and by the sounds of it, it's something that's almost certainly needed after 6 years sitting there)

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